You Need a Break!

need a break traci bild get your girl backThere are days like today, when I need quiet. That’s probably one of the reasons I love to write- it gives me the time to be still, reflect, ponder, and become one with my thoughts. For me, it’s a form of meditation.

In our fast paced world it seems there is always something to do or someplace to go. When there isn’t a place to go or something to do, there is noise. Consider a typical day. Rarely is there quiet. We hear the sound of music, television, and people talking all day. On top of this and often at the same time, we are reading emails, posting on Facebook and Twitter, searching the web, making big and small decisions, running errands and finalizing projects. Oh, and did I mention, cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner; grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, and homework with kids? I imagine you are mentally considering those items on your list that I didn’t mention.

Do you ever wish you could just tune everything out? Do you feel anxious, overwhelmed or as if you want to cry for no particular reason? If you answered yes, these are signs that you need a break, both mental and physical. Rather than plow through another bad day, why not make a conscious decision to change it? The next time you start to feel this way, recognize it and do something about it. Stop what you’re doing and go for a walk or bike ride, shut everything off- your phone, computer, radio or whatever you have on and just let the quiet embrace you.

Consider taking the day off– from life! Do the absolute must do items such as dropping your kids at school, come back home and tinker in your garden, go for a walk, put on music that brings you peace and calm, light some candles take a bubble bath and just give your mind, body and soul a rest. After all, that’s you why feel this way- your internal warning system is telling you that you need a break. While I used to plow through these feelings I’ve learned it’s your bodies way of trying to get your attention-“Stop, slow down, I can’t operate at this pace, please…” Can you hear your own body resonating with this message?

You may be reading this and think that it sounds nice but is impossible to do. You have to decide that you need a day off from the world and just do it. Our bodies weren’t meant to operate at this pace day after day, month after month, year after year. If you’re looking for change, want to feel peace, joy and happiness, join our movement and let us help you Get Your Girl Back– the girl who knew how to laugh and be spontaneous! The one who would roll the windows down in the car and let the wind rip through her hair! Do you remember her? Let me help you find her again. Start by accepting this free gift from me at From there we’ll take it one day at a time.

 Written by Traci Bild, Work/Life Balance Enthusiast, author, speaker & entrepreneur 

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