You Are What You Think You Are

You are what you think you are.  This is something my mother taught me at a very young age.  While she struggled to raise three children as a single mother and might not have believed it herself, the greatest gift she gave me is the power to own my thoughts.

The Get Your Girl Back Movement is about getting women to change the way they think.  Your life is a direct result of the thoughts you have and in turn the choices you have made thus far.  If you like your life the way it is then keep thinking the way you think.  If you seek change in your life, then start by changing the way you think.  While this sounds easy, it’s not.  The way you think has been programmed into you for a very long time and changing it takes focus, discipline, and a desire to really change your life.  I want to help you reclaim your passion for living, where you feel alive and energized every day.  It starts with your thoughts.

Most people are programmed to think negatively.- I’m fat, my husband never helps, no one appreciates me, my house is too small, my car is a mess, I hate my hair, I’ll never get caught up, and so on.  Today I would like for you to do an experiment.  Pay close attention to the words you and those around you use.  You will see the exact pattern I’m talking about.  Rather than putting focus on what it is they want, people put focus on what it is they don’t want.  Since we get what we put our focus on, we end up with what we don’t want instead of what we do want!  Crazy, I know.  As you become aware to the power of words, begin to work on a mind shift and restate your words when they come out wrong.  Put focus on what it is you want.  For example- Hurry up, we don’t want to be late!  Change this to, “Come on, we want to be on time!”  These small daily changes will lead you to the bigger, life changing catalyst you seek.

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