Who’s Your Girl?

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As I prepare to launch my book Get Your Girl Back, eight years in the making, people often ask, “What is this Get Your Girl Back thing you are doing?”  They don’t know why but something about the movement appeals to them.  It’s as if their wheels start spinning…who is my girl?
While I would love to tell you the answer, it’s up to you to figure this riddle out for yourself. What I can tell you is that your girl is the dreamer that once lived inside you and believed anything was possible for your life. Buried in responsibility she slowly disappeared, replaced by the woman life demanded she be.

Isn’t it time to Get Your Girl Back and experience a life of purpose, passion, and pure bliss?  How exactly do you do it?  To Get Your Girl Back you must learn to operate from a different state of mind.  Your focus must be on what it is you want, not what you don’t want.  The typical woman spends so much time, energy and effort on what she doesn’t want that there is no room for what she does want to come into her life.  Think of the last conversation you had with another woman outside of work- Whether it was a girlfriend or acquaintance, odds are she was sharing how busy and overwhelmed she was.  In truth, she probably is busy as is every other woman on the planet but living life from a state of chaos is no way to live.  Rather, it’s best to accept that you have chosen this life and that the experiences you are having were designed by choice.  If it’s too much and you are too busy and unable to enjoy what matters most, such as your family, hobbies, and friends, then make a change.

A woman who starts to Get Her Girl Back realizes that she really is what she thinks she is and that her life is what she makes it.  She no longer worries about what others think or expect but instead look inside for answers and acts on them.

What did your girl envision for your life?  When you consider your marriage, is it a story you would want to read to your own daughter?  What about your job, is it using your natural talents and gifts, do you feel passionate about it or are you merely showing up and putting in another day in exchange for a paycheck?  Consider your health, are you taking care of yourself and when you look in the mirror, what do you see? In my book, Get Your Girl Back, I outline a step by step action plan to Get Your Girl Back. Hang tight as the answers are coming very soon.  In the meantime, pay close attention to my blogs and Facebook posts.  Begin to test and implement the ideas I share and you will be on your way to getting your girl back and stepping into a new way of living your life!

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