Where’s Your Mojo?

axl roseOn my run this morning I was listening to my Guns-N-Roses Pandora station. For years I’ve worked out to Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga and Pitbull but I just got sick of it so I rewound the clock and put on Hair Bands- Poison, Bon Jovi, AD/DC and talk about power!

My runs got faster, my energy soared and I felt empowered. I love to listen to the words of songs. I’m a hopeless romantic, and as I zeroed in on Axl Rose singing November Rain, I couldn’t help wonder what woman he was singing it to. When he said the words, “I can’t believe your mine,” I flashed back to his teenage years. Did girls flock to him? Probably not- yet upon becoming a rock star and in due time a legend, he had his choice of about any woman he wanted, including his once famous romance with a Victoria Secret model. “I can’t believe your mine,” I bet he meant that!

So my question is what happened in between? One day no one cares who you are and then on another day you are like gold- women can’t keep their hands off you, they are screaming and crying at your feet dying to get an ounce of your attention. I’m sure this was happening at his early gigs even before he was famous. Yes, all this was on my wondering mind as I ran this morning, ha!

I surmised it was mojo- that’s it! People are attracted to those who have mojo. There is an incredible energy around individuals who have this magnetic power, passion, and drive. It’s not always something we can explain but it is something most of us want. As I then thought about my own life and the people I work with every day I could clearly identify those who had mojo and those who did not. I for sure like to be around people who have it as if feeds me!

If you’ve been following my Get Your Girl Back movement, you probably realize that what it’s really about is mojo- odds are you had it when you were young, fearless and ready to take on the world. Yet as life stepped in and buried you in responsibility it began to slip away, one day at a time until one day you woke up and realized it was gone. You no longer trusted your instinct, questioned your judgment, and gave energy to past mistakes.  

Mojo can’t be bought or borrowed; it must be created and pulled out from deep within you. It’s a state of mind, a way of being. When you have mojo, you trust your instinct, are confident, decisive and in control of your life. This being the reason so many people want to be around you when you have it; they want it to!

Does Axl Rose still have his mojo? Well, I don’t have that answer but I would love to go to a Guns-N-Roses concert to find out! What I do know is what he created when he did have it was incredible and changed rock music forever. He left a footprint that will stand the test of time- my kids will hear his music and their kids too.

What about you? Your mojo is waiting to come out. Start to listen to your gut, put focus on what it is you want, ignoring what you don’t want. Shut off the television, turn on the music, dance, laugh have fun, read empowering books, go dreaming by test driving a car or touring a model home…get inspired, start taking action on your dreams and your mojo will come back! If you want to learn how I lost my own mojo and then found it again, download the first chapter of my forthcoming book, Get Your Girl Back at http://gygb.com/gygb-chapter-one/ and begin your own journey!

Written by Traci Bild www.gygb.com


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