Want to Change Your Life? Three Ways to Begin the Transformation Right Now

 3 ways to transformNot sure what you want to do with your life? Confused over where to put your time, energy and focus? You are not alone! I often think how sad it is we only get to live one life. That being said, it’s more important than ever to do it right. And I don’t mean not making mistakes, because trust me I have and you will too.

If you don’t fail you will never truly grasp how good it feels to succeed. The most powerful lessons come from our mistakes.

I’m a big believer in learning. My favorite author is Norman Vincent Peale. I’ll never forget the day my mom put his book, The Power of Positive Thinking, into my hands. I was 16 and it forever changed the course of my life. I can’t imagine where I would be if I had not read his book.

If you are unsure about your path, which direction to take and need clarity, the best thing you can do is start looking inward.

1. Read daily.

2. Listen to audiobooks while exercising or driving.

3.Cut out images from your favorite magazines and glue them into a dream journal. Then let your subconscious point the way.

There are so many times I just wished someone would tell me what to do. What I’ve learned is that the answers are there, deep inside…you simply have to listen because someone is trying to tell you what to do and that someone is you.

Stop the noise and find time in your day to be still, to think, ponder, dream, and consider the possibility of an entirely new way of living. Imagine waking up every day doing what you want to do ,not what you have to do, feeling whole, fulfilled, excited and energized about the day before you.

Head to the library or bookstore, start cutting out images that speak to you, go tour a model home and envision it as yours! The quest to Get Your Girl Back begins in the mind. Recapture your childlike faith- where possibility ruled; not fear and failure. 

When I was 7 I would write letters to God and drop them in mud puddles, knowing he would get them.

When I was 16 I started seeing images of the future I wanted. I would day dream for hours.

When I was 22 I sat on my apartment floor in Tampa, surrounded by magazines, books, markers, scissors, and a mind full of wonder, possibility and dreams, knowing they would be mine.

Today, those exact dreams are my reality. Faith, visualization, and a passion for living a grand life are what got me to this point. They will do the same for you as they are universal laws for living.

Want the motivation to keep pressing forward as well as a daily dose of inspiration? Sign up for Notes from Your Girl and let me hold your hand as we continue on this journey together- http://gygb.com/#notes. Let me help you to BELIEVE that you too can make your dreams a reality and life a life beyond anything you ever imagined.


Written by Traci Bild, Founder of the Get Your Girl Back movement

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