The Power of Your Dreams


Can I just take a moment and say that YOU freaking rock??!!

Earlier this week, we provided a survey and asked you to share what you dream of, desire and need.

Before we knew it, the responses were POURING in!

There were countless comments that delighted us and some really touched our hearts- reminding us of why this movement is necessary for women. (Thank you!)

As response after response came in- there was an underlying theme of busy, ambitious women who want to take a huge bite out of life and feel reconnected to their sense of self.

Going forward, Traci will share a weekly video to inspire you and to provide a lifestyle/business tip to guide you along your journey. (As quite a few of you requested!)

And of course, it only made sense in this week’s video that Traci share what she dreams of- and the power behind our dreams.

After watching the video below, feel free to join us on our facebook page and share your thoughts and response!


If you haven’t had a chance to speak up and share your voice with us- it’s not too late!

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