The Force is With You- Use It!

star warsWhile reading a Star Wars book to my eight year old son Noah last night I found myself completely drawn in. Much of the book was about The Force- we have all known about it since we were kids, right? But then I sat up, looked at Noah and said “Noah, you know The Force is real- it’s your own power, it’s your thought process and the way you make things happen by using the power of your mind.” Talking out loud to Noah, I was really talking to myself!

Look, as an entrepreneur and motivational speaker I use the power of my mind every day. Some days so much crap is going on at once that if I didn’t I would be in a fetal position in a corner somewhere. Yet reading to my son, I really tapped into what The Force meant and realized that I’m not using my own power anywhere near its capacity.

I find that I go through phases in life. I set a goal, start taking action toward it and go make it happen. Yet many times I make the goal big but not near as big as it could be. I get complacent and put limitations on what it is I’m going after for one reason or another. My head tells me things like, “You are so blessed already, why do you need more?” or “There’s a price to pay for that you know-does it really have to be so big? Why not just go for this instead?” and I fall for that bull crap- that bully living in my own head! My own mind is talking me down.

So while I live a life that is truly beyond anything I could ever imagine, reading that book made me realize that I’ve not even touched the surface! If I use The Force, my own Force and the power I have within me, nothing is impossible.

It’s so much easier to ponder what we can’t do, don’t have, or don’t want it in our lives.

The media for sure doesn’t help, so make it a point to shut off the television more often and turn on your favorite tunes instead. Tear pages from magazines and create a dream journal or brainstorm some new goals for your life. Begin to put massive focus on what it is you WANT. The more you focus on what you want and how you are going to get it, the faster those goals will be manifest- that is The Force in action baby!

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Written by Traci Bild Clearwater, FL

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