Whether you set goals for the New Year or not is up to you but before making that final decision, be sure to read this blog.

Some people feel that goal setting is a waste of time, meant to work for the rare few, but never for them. The fact is there is a formula and today; I want to share what it is so that you too can benefit from the power of goal setting and goal hitting in 2014 and beyond.

  1. Decide: What makes goal setting powerful is that it requires you to sit down and make tough decisions about your life. What is it you really want in the coming year? What makes the goal different from the dream is that you make a concrete decision, write it down with a date, and begin to work toward it. While this seems simple enough, it’s enough to keep people from setting goals because they simply can’t decide what the heck it is they want! So decide!
  2. Own it: Once you decide, write it down and read what you wrote. As you read it, the goal immediately takes life and something magical happens that I simply can’t explain. Tools, resources, people, ideas and more begin to move toward you at lightning speed. It’s not important that you know how to do what you set out to do but instead that you decide to do it! Everything you need will be provided. Post your goals where you can see them regularly. The more you read them, the faster they take hold in your mind, and subconsciously you begin to take action that you don’t even realize you are taking! Crazy but very true.
  3. Action: While goals are great, they won’t happen on their own. 50% of the job is writing the goal down. The other 50% is you taking action toward your goals. Below each goal define three action steps that will lead to the arrival of that goal. What steps or actions can you take that will move you just a bit closer? This is a critical step to seeing your goal become reality!
  4. Prioritize: Before you sign off on your goals for 2014, step back and reflect on them for a moment. Determine if your goals are in line with your priorities, meaning- what matters most in your life. If not, when you hit the goals you won’t feel great but instead empty and as if “Is this all there is?” For goals to bring fulfillment and happiness they must be in line with your priorities and then and only then will everything come together and that fulfillment you have been looking for will become yours!

Whether you have set goals before or not, I challenge you to take this advice and apply it to your life. Get involved with the Get Your Girl Back movement and let us support you. In January we will be working together to create a dream journal that shows big picture for your life and then extracting a set of goals you hope to achieve in 2014 from the journal and working toward them every day. I will share my secrets and tips that have allowed me to do what others say is impossible- To get involved in our January dream journal and goal setting group, simply visit and join the movement!

Written by Traci Bild, Author and Creator of the Get Your Girl Back movement