The theme this month here at Get Your Girl Back is helping our members understand how this movement came about and how you can use it to reinvent your life. Today, the focus is YOU. I want to help you figure out HOW to take better care of yourself, get healthy, find more energy, and feel empowered in knowing you are taking care of you! If you are already doing this, I ask that you chime in and offer feedback, support, and ideas to our members as we are all working together for transformation (on my blog or FB at Get Your Girl Back movement).


The main reason I find people don’t work out is lack of time. In a busy world where there is always something to do, it’s virtually impossible to make it onto that very important to do list. Here is my solution: Create a system- Here is one idea that will change your life.


While this sounds really simple, and it is, take control and move your schedule around: When I hit 37 I realized that working out 2-3 days a week wasn’t enough to keep the pounds from piling on. My metabolism slowed down and I discovered upon talking with wiser people, that I was going to have to work out at least 4-5 days per week. Do I like it? No! Will I do it to see the payoff? Yes!

After trial and error with nothing working because I was always busy, I moved my schedule around. I had to make my health a priority, no exceptions. While I used to drop the kids off at 8:15 for school and immediate hit the office by 8:30-9, I blocked off the hours from 8:15-9:30 for me. I let my staff know that I would not be taking calls or responding to emails until 9:30 most days. While I thought this would put me behind and create chaos, I didn’t miss a beat. I actually felt energized, healthy, and inspired after working out and still do today. I’ve been doing this for a year and it works. Clearly if you work for someone it will be more of a challenge so here are some more ideas:

  • As your employer if you can come in 1 hour later and skip lunch, eating a fruit shake at your desk instead or packed lunch as you work.
  • Or, carve 30 minutes off your lunch hour and stay 30 minutes later.
  • Come in an hour later and stay an hour later.
  • Allow just 30 minutes for exercise instead of an hour and swap part of your lunch out.
  • Ask to come in 30 minutes to an hour later and take the pay cut in exchange for great health.

Crazy right? You may hate these ideas or love them but they are just that- ideas. I don’t always look good at work, due to working out, but I feel great! You can’t find a solution for your life if you don’t start to strategize ideas. Take one of the above and tweak it to fit you. What matters is that you take the time needed to create solutions to make time for your health. Join our movement at http://gygb.com/join-the-movement/ and reinvent not just your health, but your life!  Written by Traci Bild, Founder.


Remember when you thought you could do anything?

If you are like most women, something happened on the way to where you are now, that made you question your ability to do anything you set your mind to.  I call that something, life! You started a career, got married, had kids, bought a house, car, took on lots of debt and odds are, didn’t necessarily do it in this order.

I believe that you set out to live a grand life, one rich with meaning, filled with love, and profound happiness. As women, we want to do all things for all people, yet rarely do anything for ourselves. This is great- at first, until years go by and then decades. The Get Your Girl Back movement is for women who are in the midst of their lives. They have been married for some time, or perhaps even married, divorced, and married again. Their kids are older, the job is old news, the body looks as if it belongs to someone else, and they are tired and hungering for something- but have no clue what it is. There is a burning need to find that one thing that can make them feel whole…yet it evades their every move; yet to be found.

If you feel this way or can relate, you must stay on this journey with me and surround yourself with women who empower and feed you versus take and drain you. I want to help you reinvent your life and rather than focus on having it all, focus on having every darn thing you have every wanted in your life: Perhaps a passionate love affair with your soul mate, a job or business that feels like play, vibrancy, energy and great health that makes you feel ten years younger than you are, a body that you recognize, a bank account that provides financial peace of mind and friendships deep with meaning. On this journey you will be forced to ponder what it is you want for your life, starting in January as we begin the process of building a dream book and then pulling your 2014 goals out of what you what you design.

This journey is not about doing what makes sense or is sensible, it’s about feeding your soul, finding your purpose, reigniting passion and really living again. The fountain of youth is not in our age but in our minds and what you think determines who you are and what you will do with your life. I want to help you tap into that fountain and step into a reality that is beyond your wildest dreams.

If you want to join me on this movement, starting in January, email me today at traci@gygb.com. I will personally respond and get you engaged in a January action plan designed to move you toward meeting and ultimately getting your girl back! Please put ACTION in the subject line of your email so I see it immediately! Can’t wait to get started and feel free to invite one or two friends to go on this journey with you in 2014 and grow together!

Written by Traci Bild

Author and Creator of the Get Your Girl Back movement