While at the Women for Women International 20th Anniversary Gala this week, one of the speakers told of an amazing story that I will never forget. Helping women survivors of war, the Director on the ground in Bosnia had a gentleman come to a meeting on behalf of his wife. Hunched over and elderly he explained that his wife wanted to be in the Women for Women program yet she was too sickly to come to the meetings. The Director explained that in order to participate she actually had to attend the meetings herself. What he said I will never forget.

He began to tell the story of how their town came under sniper fire. Fleeing into the forest, to escape being killed, he fell and injured himself. He begged his wife to go on without him yet she refused. She sat down beside him and said, “If you stay, I stay. I am not leaving you.” She convinced her husband to climb onto her back. Running through the forest she carried him to safety, against all odds. Without her fierce determination and love, he would not have survived.

He went on to say, “My wife wants to be here, she is committed to being part of your program so I will carry her here on my back every single week if I have to, as she did for me.” And that he did. Week after week this man carried his ill wife to the Women for Women International meetings so that she could learn new job skills, understand her rights as a woman in Bosnia, and educate other women who like her were survivors of war.

This story moved me to tears. This love, unconditional and so beautiful reminded me of the power of the human spirit. Whether in Bosnia, the Congo, Iraq or the United States of America, none of us really knows what we are capable of until we are put to the test. It is in these times that our true strength, power, and ability are revealed. Whatever your challenge, know that you have more power than you think. You are strong, smart, determined and have the ability to change your circumstance and to do what you think you cannot.

I love the human spirit. Every day ordinary people do extraordinary things. I would love to hear your story and share it with our followers. You never know, your bravery might compel someone else to have the courage to do something they never thought they could. If you have a personal story or one you think our readers would enjoy, please submit it to me at Traci@GYGB.com. If you have a question and need support, ideas, or resources, please go to www.asktraci.com, ask your question, and I’ll reply right away, the best I can to help you.

Written by Traci Bild                            

Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur