Take a look at this image as I bring you back in time with me, oh about three years ago. It was here, in Breckenridge, Colorado, that I was walking up and down the quaint city streets in tears. While I was supposed to be skiing, I had taken the day off to write. Instead, I found myself wondering, frustrated, confused and on the phone with my best friend from grade school begging her to help me find clarity. I felt like a mad woman and no matter what I did I couldn’t shut my mind off. I needed an answer and no matter how far I walked, or long I talked, thought or cried, I wasn’t ready to receive it- not yet.

Looking back, as I again walk the streets of Breckenridge, I am in a totally different place. I got my answer, and in turn clarity, purpose, and peace of mind. So what was the question you ask? While it might sound trite, what I needed was the title of my movement and book. I had been writing for close to a decade yet the title eluded me. As a writer, it’s like the bow that goes on top of the package and without it I literally felt lost.

It took another two years but that answer came in the form of Get Your Girl Back. I was on the phone with my amazing writing coach Lisa Tener when she said, “What about Get Your Girl Back?” As soon as I heard it, I knew- that was the perfect title to describe my movement and book. Why did it take so long? Why did it have to be so painful? Yet the fact was, I got my answer, it came when it was supposed to and not a moment before.

While I may make things look easy today, trust me, it’s not. Birthing a dream can literally feel like labor! Consider the fact that I started writing Get Your Girl Back when I was pregnant with Paris. Now she is ten! I tucked the book away and stopped writing for years only to be nudged to pull it back out. One time I literally threw it away and said, “I can’t do this!” until a life coach of mine, Sue Youngs said, “Traci, are you willing to miss your destiny simply because you are afraid to be vulnerable?” I knew in that moment that no matter how hard it was to share the private moments of my life, my personal stories and failures to help others; that I had to pursue my destiny- and NO I was not willing to miss it!

Then came the branding and rebranding, three website redesigns, and regular investments in something that wasn’t even viable or real yet. Of course I would question myself, “What am I doing?” Yet with each fear, insecurity and moment of doubt, I reminded myself of my purpose, passion and ability to do anything I set my mind to. No matter what, I was going to give until there was nothing left to give.

So here I am. I pushed through. While I’m nowhere near the finish line, I successfully launched the Get Your Girl Back movement just six months ago. The movement is on fire, women are engaged, sharing the movement with their friends, sisters, and mothers; all who want to reignite their passion- whether it be for their marriage, health, career, spiritual health, hobby, children, charity or something entirely different- they are revisiting those passions and thinking about how to rekindle them.

Next up? Get ready for a series of life class opportunities where I will show you how to reignite your passion step by step (and it will be for free because I want to help make a difference in your life). We have fun dream journals and other exciting things in store for you! So hang on and take a look at your own dream with fresh eyes. If it were easy, everyone would do it! You have to fight for your dream, and never, ever give up on them! Use my story as an example to follow in your own life. It’s not easy; you will fail, cry, give up and then start over again and again. Yet when the dream begins to manifest, the taste of victory will be worth every moment of energy you gave to birth your dream. So welcome the chaos, its proof that you indeed are alive!

If you’re reading this post through the daily email and want to become an Ambassador for Get Your Girl Back, where I’ll ask for help from you from time to time, email me at and I’ll share what we are up to. If you’d like to get the daily blog post by email, sign up at and see what we’re working on how it can help you!

Written by Traci Bild, Author and Founder of the Get Your Girl Back movement

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new years resolutions

As the New Year unfolds, millions of people will create New Year’s Resolutions, take the time to write them down, feel good about crossing this annual task off their list and then turn inward and begin to immediately doubt their ability to see those resolutions through. Even as they write, many will be thinking to themselves, “I’m going to do this! But not really.” It’s that tug of war that happens in the brain. “If I tell myself I’m not going to do it and accept that then I won’t be disappointed when it doesn’t happen,” then they think, “Yet just maybe, I’ll get lucky and it will happen if I don’t count on it.” Have these thoughts ever plowed through your mind? If so, you are not alone.

I want to help because this year things can be different. You can set those resolutions and goals and see them become a reality, in turn building confidence in your ability to do what you set out to do. The number one secret to the accomplishment of any goal, dream or resolution, is mindset. You must set your mind to the task of seeing your resolutions through. What I mean is you will have to “fake it till you make it” and believe that it is already done. See yourself a success; consider what it will feel like when you have completed your goal or resolution, trick your mind into believing it’s already done- and your brain will work its tail off to ensure that indeed the tools, resources, and people needed to make your goal a reality; show up.

The mind loves to have a job, it likes to work. It will do exactly what you tell it to do. Consider for a moment, “What do you tell your mind daily?” Are you telling it what you want or don’t want? It is critical that you begin to focus your energy on what it is you want, can do, will have, and more. Give no attention to those things you don’t want. Whether you are thinking I’m crazy right now or making sense, I am telling you the secret that not many people are going to tell or explain to you in simple terms. While there are lots of books out on goal setting, I am an individual who has actually hit 95%+ of the goals I’ve set for myself in life. I’ve come from nothing and created everything in my life I’ve ever dreamed of through this process I’m sharing with you. I’m not taking others ideas and restating them, trying to convince myself that this stuff works or just talking because I want to be popular. I am doing this because I care. I have figured out the secret to making any dream or goal and reality and want you to experience the same.

I’ve traveled all over the world, married the man of my dreams- that I literally dreamed up while riding my pink huffy at the ripe old age of eight! I have two beautiful children, a business I love that has won many awards, bought my dream home, have authored two books, lived in Paris, and more. I tell you this because I’m living proof that anything is possible. I grew up with a single mom who struggled to raise three children. I am the girl people expected little of yet who expected everything of herself. I fought to create the life I live today and will continue to raise the bar, challenge myself, and see what I am capable of. What about you?

Perhaps this year, set a resolution to own your thoughts, to control what happens in your mind and shape your future by thinking your way to the life you always dreamed you would live. Come on, fight!!! To gain support, join our movement at and begin to change the way you think and the life you live.


Written by Traci Bild, Author and Founder of the Get Your Girl Back movement   


Whether you set goals for the New Year or not is up to you but before making that final decision, be sure to read this blog.

Some people feel that goal setting is a waste of time, meant to work for the rare few, but never for them. The fact is there is a formula and today; I want to share what it is so that you too can benefit from the power of goal setting and goal hitting in 2014 and beyond.

  1. Decide: What makes goal setting powerful is that it requires you to sit down and make tough decisions about your life. What is it you really want in the coming year? What makes the goal different from the dream is that you make a concrete decision, write it down with a date, and begin to work toward it. While this seems simple enough, it’s enough to keep people from setting goals because they simply can’t decide what the heck it is they want! So decide!
  2. Own it: Once you decide, write it down and read what you wrote. As you read it, the goal immediately takes life and something magical happens that I simply can’t explain. Tools, resources, people, ideas and more begin to move toward you at lightning speed. It’s not important that you know how to do what you set out to do but instead that you decide to do it! Everything you need will be provided. Post your goals where you can see them regularly. The more you read them, the faster they take hold in your mind, and subconsciously you begin to take action that you don’t even realize you are taking! Crazy but very true.
  3. Action: While goals are great, they won’t happen on their own. 50% of the job is writing the goal down. The other 50% is you taking action toward your goals. Below each goal define three action steps that will lead to the arrival of that goal. What steps or actions can you take that will move you just a bit closer? This is a critical step to seeing your goal become reality!
  4. Prioritize: Before you sign off on your goals for 2014, step back and reflect on them for a moment. Determine if your goals are in line with your priorities, meaning- what matters most in your life. If not, when you hit the goals you won’t feel great but instead empty and as if “Is this all there is?” For goals to bring fulfillment and happiness they must be in line with your priorities and then and only then will everything come together and that fulfillment you have been looking for will become yours!

Whether you have set goals before or not, I challenge you to take this advice and apply it to your life. Get involved with the Get Your Girl Back movement and let us support you. In January we will be working together to create a dream journal that shows big picture for your life and then extracting a set of goals you hope to achieve in 2014 from the journal and working toward them every day. I will share my secrets and tips that have allowed me to do what others say is impossible- To get involved in our January dream journal and goal setting group, simply visit and join the movement!

Written by Traci Bild, Author and Creator of the Get Your Girl Back movement


Remember when you thought you could do anything?

If you are like most women, something happened on the way to where you are now, that made you question your ability to do anything you set your mind to.  I call that something, life! You started a career, got married, had kids, bought a house, car, took on lots of debt and odds are, didn’t necessarily do it in this order.

I believe that you set out to live a grand life, one rich with meaning, filled with love, and profound happiness. As women, we want to do all things for all people, yet rarely do anything for ourselves. This is great- at first, until years go by and then decades. The Get Your Girl Back movement is for women who are in the midst of their lives. They have been married for some time, or perhaps even married, divorced, and married again. Their kids are older, the job is old news, the body looks as if it belongs to someone else, and they are tired and hungering for something- but have no clue what it is. There is a burning need to find that one thing that can make them feel whole…yet it evades their every move; yet to be found.

If you feel this way or can relate, you must stay on this journey with me and surround yourself with women who empower and feed you versus take and drain you. I want to help you reinvent your life and rather than focus on having it all, focus on having every darn thing you have every wanted in your life: Perhaps a passionate love affair with your soul mate, a job or business that feels like play, vibrancy, energy and great health that makes you feel ten years younger than you are, a body that you recognize, a bank account that provides financial peace of mind and friendships deep with meaning. On this journey you will be forced to ponder what it is you want for your life, starting in January as we begin the process of building a dream book and then pulling your 2014 goals out of what you what you design.

This journey is not about doing what makes sense or is sensible, it’s about feeding your soul, finding your purpose, reigniting passion and really living again. The fountain of youth is not in our age but in our minds and what you think determines who you are and what you will do with your life. I want to help you tap into that fountain and step into a reality that is beyond your wildest dreams.

If you want to join me on this movement, starting in January, email me today at I will personally respond and get you engaged in a January action plan designed to move you toward meeting and ultimately getting your girl back! Please put ACTION in the subject line of your email so I see it immediately! Can’t wait to get started and feel free to invite one or two friends to go on this journey with you in 2014 and grow together!

Written by Traci Bild

Author and Creator of the Get Your Girl Back movement


angel of grief

My dear friend Delatorro McNeal wrote a book entitled Robbing the Grave of its Greatness. In his book he describes how the graveyard is the richest place on Earth. In it lie unwritten books, unfinished screenplays, song ideas, and half-finished inventions…

When I first read this it stopped me dead in my tracks. I for sure did not want to be one of those people who took my dreams to the grave. I wanted to give life to my dreams, see them manifest, and utilized to make a difference in the world. What about you?

This Holiday season I challenge you to take a good hard look at your dreams. As we approach yet another year, you have the opportunity to take your dream and turn it into a reality. While it might seem easier to just wait and push it off a bit longer, consider the graveyard- how many people thought the same thing? Decide to pursue your dream and to reap the rewards for a job well done; now, while you can.

If there is one thing we can agree on, it’s that life is going fast. I was standing in my kitchen this morning, re-heating my coffee for the third time when a thought hit me. “Someday this will all be gone. My kids will be grown, we will move to a different home, it will be quiet and I’ll be left with my memories.” While great to have, it brought a sting of tears to my eyes instantly. “I don’t want my memories, I want my now!” I thought. So I reaffirmed in my mind that I would welcome this chaos we call family, the noise, the mess, the rush, the to do list and every darn thing that goes with it. I would continue to do everything within my power to give life to this movement, no matter how hard it is and I will savor every splendid moment I can, I would live in the now.

Stop for a moment yourself, look around, and ponder your life. Allow yourself to take it all in, even if for a moment. Then step back and reflect on how short the time is that you have left. I don’t want to depress you but instead inspire you. My goal is to help create urgency in regards to your dreams and goals, no matter what they are. Are you possibly in the prime of your life? What else are you capable of, what dream lives in your heart that is still unfinished? Do you want to bring that dream to life or take it to the grave with you one day? So finish that book of poetry, go after that invention, write your software, take that course, paint the picture…all you have to do is take the first step and keep walking. Let me and the women in our movement support you because you can do it. Visit


Written by Traci Bild

Author and Creator of the Get Your Girl Back movement