I stayed. I skated. I got my girl back.

I love hearing from other women that are joining the Get Your Girl Back movement and seeing results! Here’s a guest blog from Jennifer on how she’s getting HER girl back. You will love this!

It’s Saturday and all I want to do is sleep all day like when I was 25.
Watch a marathon of TLC Baby and Wedding Story, and eat lots of chips and dip- because at 25 I can just jog for two days and drop 5 pounds.

Agh. 6:45 and reality hits. “Can we watch cartoons?” my nine year old twins ask.

Yes, of course they can. This will give me at least an hour before their hunger kicks in. Today, instead of indulging in my self-bliss, I have a roller-skating birthday party for my daughter, a baseball tournament, 5 loads of laundry and an empty fridge to fill. At 7:30 a.m., my husband and son are off to the tournament, and my daughter and I gear up for the skating party. As the former 6th grade roller queen of Joliet, Illinois (the town I grew up in) I don’t hesitate to grab my rollerblades and some socks. I honestly hadn’t thought that I could just do the ole “drop off” and go.

I kind of didn’t want to though. I needed the exercise and who doesn’t like a little Michael Jackson to get their weekend going? Skating has always been my thing.

In fact, last year I went to a roller derby try out, but that’s for another blog.

So we get to the rink, and I’m greeted by the host Mom who is outright shocked by the fact I’m walking in with my own skates. Other Moms roll in and comment on them as well. “Wow, you’re going to skate?” “Are you skating, too?” I wanted to say, “Why yes, I actually do still have some fun blood left in this cinnamon buns body.” “Yes, I am going to skate and feel like I’m 10 again!” “Yes, indeed, I’m going to skate rings around every one of your daughters!” But I didn’t say any of those things. I just smiled and nodded. Turns out, I was THE ONLY PARENT (not even a Dad laced up) who skated during the party. Half the time I didn’t skate with my daughter. She would race past me glowing or just give me a look of approval. As I skated, I thought about the girl I loved at the rink 30 some years ago. I had serious confidence and freedom at that cheesy rink. I loved the breeze in my hair, the bad 80’s music, the couples skate, the limbo, the hot DJ. That day, it all came back to me as my thighs ached lap after lap.

What really got me the most was when my daughter told me that her little pals all said how great of a skater I was. I knew those 2 hours spent as the only Mom who skated were worth it. To see how proud my daughter was that her Mom actually skated, and skated awe-some also made me feel like the young girl getting her own mother’s approval. Talk about role reversal. Next time you have an opportunity to participate in skating or kickball or anything else you like to do, step up, roll up your sleeves, get sweaty, lace up, stay at the party and get your awesome girl back again.

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