As moms we make hundreds of decisions every day. Yesterday I was working out of my home office when my seven year old son came home from school. Looking at him as he happily tore off his shoes, I said, “Hey, you want to go on the Jet Ski?” As I said it I thought to myself, “Do I really want to fight to get it off the dock, flush the engines, and clean it?” Yet I knew, simply because the words came out of my mouth that my girl wanted to go.

Excited, Noah took off running for the dock. The Florida sun was shining bright, there was a cool breeze, and I could smell the salt in the air. As we pushed off the dock and ventured into the Gulf of Mexico, I was unprepared for the rough waters as our jet ski flew through the waves. A little uncomfortable and considering turning back, I began to hear the most amazing sound…it was Noah giggling. He started laughing so hard I thought he was going to cry. Contagious, I started laughing and pulled on the throttle so we would go faster and faster. The waves it turned out simulated a roller coaster!

I was so glad I trusted my instinct and let my girl drive my decision to jump on the ski and have some fun (instead of wrapping up more work, making a snack or starting homework). I have learned that the endless list of things to do will always be there but my son, all of seven years old won’t. Soon Noah will turn eight, nine, and then ten. By the time he’s a teenager, he probably won’t want to get on the Jet Ski with me but instead his friends. That’s why I choose to be spontaneous, have more fun, and let my girl come out to play whenever she wants.

Perhaps you have small kids and they too will be coming home from school today. As they run in the door excited to see you and tell you about their day, what can you do to shake things up, engage them in something fun, and more importantly, stray from your routine? Could you go for a big dish of ice cream at their favorite store and entice them to pile on the toppings? Yes, your kids will think you are off your rocker but I promise, you’ll have fun and it will be a moment to remember. Perhaps it’s snowing where you live. Challenge your kids to a snowball fight! If they don’t respond, walk outside and fire one at the window. Trust me, they will engage.

If you don’t have small kids at home any longer I’m certain you can relate and would give anything to go back in time for just one moment. Perhaps your husband is coming home instead. Maybe he would like to go get ice cream or spontaneously go to a movie. My point is to lighten up, play more, and simply have more fun. Afterall, one day he might not be there either. Life is short, don’t take it for granted. Instead, dive in and live every moment, out loud.

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