Shut it Off, Put it Away and Take Five

shut it offForty eight percent of the American population uses legal prescription drugs of some kind, including anti-depressants. The problem, according to Stephen Marche of is that our bodies and minds were not made for a ”hypermodern reality” where food is overabundant, social connections are weak, and people are switched on 24/7. In a culture riddled with stress and despair, people self-medicate. No wonder.

Life is crazy. Perhaps this is why I find myself indulging in magazines that depict far off places like the African Bush, goggling topics such as “How to sell everything and move to an island,” and fighting like hell to avoid falling victim to the false reality of social media, reality television and the call of my smart phone- alive with constant activity.

People are so busy, they are missing their lives. When is the last time you watched a sunset, smelled a flower, or found pictures in the clouds? To Get Your Girl Back, you have to fight for the things that matter most- quiet, peace of mind, calm, serenity…those things that are scarce in this hectic world in which we live.

A few tips I would like to share that have helped me:

  1. Shut of the television: Most of us have TiVo so why not shut of the television and put on your favorite music instead? Your favorite tunes can make mundane tasks such as cooking, cleaning, driving, or working much more enjoyable. Music is a game changer and can instantly change your state of mind.
  2. Put your phone away: I know, its life or death, right? Odds are unless you are a doctor, it’s not. Rather than keeping your phone in your lap when driving or out on the table when eating, why not just put it away for 30 minutes? In doing this you will be able to give your mind a break from the constant buzzing, binging, and interruption of the mind that your cell phone so rudely creates.
  3. Take Five: Consciously make a point to take five minutes at some point during the day to stop, go to a peaceful place, and give thanks for your blessings. While you might find yourself thinking of all the things you don’t have, this five minutes is about celebrating those things you do have. Talk about medicine- this is the best you can’t buy.

While most of us can recall a time without all this noise, odds are our children won’t. This is their reality and all they know- it terrifies me. Do we want them growing up stressed out, anxious, and depressed? We weren’t meant for this type of lifestyle so it’s up to us to change it. If you have children, they watch and learn from you. What are you teaching them? How will they go about their lives as adults? I tell myself this every day-The best gift we can give ourselves and our children is the gift of solitude and demonstrate to them that it’s okay to slow down, take a break, and just be still.  

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Written by Traci Bild, Founder of the Get Your Girl Back movement.

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