Out of Balance?

balanceMay has been the busiest month for me yet this year.  It’s taken every ounce of my girl to stay focused, in control, and not lose it.  This isn’t to say I did not cry once or twice.  As women, it’s easy for our schedules to get out of hand.  The end result is we end up out of balance.  As the owner of my own company, Bild & Company, a national consulting firm, I have a pact with myself and that’s not to speak more than two times each month.  This discipline ensures I have the time, energy and focus to be a great mother and wife, my top two priorities.

So how is it that I ended up speaking and traveling over eight days this month and heading up a 5th grade breakfast celebration for over 400 people at my children’s school?  The fact is I let my guard down.  I violated my own rule, didn’t pay attention to my calendar getting slammed and when May hit, it was too late to change anything as the dates and commitments were locked in.  Has this ever happened to you?  Being that you’re a woman, odds are it has!  I imagine that for some women, it’s not a once in a while thing but a way of living that includes a calendar so packed there’s no room for spontaneity or fun and that can get old really fast.


While I can’t do anything about May since it’s over, I can do something about June through December.  I have gone in and blocked out dates I won’t travel and set parameters.  If you are feeling over scheduled, frazzled and as if there is no end in sight; I encourage you to do something about it.  Can you cut something out of your schedule, set up a carpool, try a week of crock pot meals, and block off personal time just for you?  Imagine how good it would feel to play hooky for a day?  Why not?

Part of the reason I started the Get Your Girl Back movement is to help women gain control over their lives and remind them that they do have a choice in regards to how they will live their lives.  You must be true to your priorities, let the handcuff of guilt go, and stop wondering what other people think.  This is your life, not theirs.  We are here to support you and to let you know that you are not alone.  If you are out of balance then you must make decisions that will put you back in balance and bring peace and happiness to your life.  Make a decision to take just one action that will positively impact your life right now.  No excuses, just do it because it will feel really good.

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