My Vulnerable Confession

Hi, I am Liz Simpson- the new global director for #GetYourGirlBack.

Some of you I have spoken with through email and many of you I spoke with on Tuesday’s Master Class. However, there are so many of you that I am eager to get to know and support!


Earlier this year when I came on board to the Get Your Girl Back movement- there was this inexplicable feeling of intuition that my partnership with Traci would be miraculous and life-changing, not only for us, but for the many women who are touched by this incredible movement.


However, my confession today lies in the fact that there was a part of me that was unsettled and a little bit bothered by the branding of pink and purple butterflies and the light discussion over dream journals and “wishing” our way into a reality we once dreamed.


For quite some time I was unsure of the core of my feelings, so I spent time meditating and journaling and just being still so that I could be clear with what my intuition was really trying to clue me in on.


After a while- I came to understand it.


See, what I do understand about Traci Bild is that she created this movement of #GetYourGirlBack not to have a cutesy brand with purple butterflies and to share photos of her life on the gulf coast while traveling the world with her adorable family… but she created this movement because the principles behind this movement have quite literally saved her life.


I know … because I recognize the same passion in her that lives inside of me. It’s like looking into a mirror.


The life you are dreaming of is quite literally on the other side of your fear and your excuses.

And while I was able to pack those words into one simple sentence- the power and truth that exists within them is immeasurable.


There is a choice that you make.

It is a choice to stop with the excuses, to live in spite of fear and to walk in the unknown because you realize anything less- to live a life any less fulfilled- would be a life filled with regret and dissatisfaction, a life that is merely reminiscent of death.


Traci is an amazing example of what is possible.

And until you have the faith to stand in your own truth of possibility- you can, for a season, borrow faith from seeing her example and witnessing her truth.


But there comes a time when you must choose it for yourself.


As a woman who once was a single, abused mother who lived in a battered women’s shelter for nine months- I am all too familiar with fear, doubt, lack, low self-worth and excuses. And it brings tears to my eyes, quite literally, when I look back on the moment that I chose to stop being a victim in the story of my own life.


I chose to fake belief in myself until the day I looked in the mirror and that belief was real. I chose to change my mindset, my behavior and ultimately my habits- at first simply because I thought I had nothing left to lose- and before I knew it, I was living in a reality that was once beyond my wildest dreams.

That decision was the catalyst for every facet of my life to exponentially bloom. Those principles transformed my career, my relationships and even put me on the fast track in business.


As “Get Your Girl Back” continues to make a comeback in your email inbox and across the globe to the over 25,000 women in our midsts- I want you to know that this movement is larger than a brand, a webinar, a program or even a retreat.


This movement is a wake up call for you to recognize the immeasurable power that you hold as a woman.


Traci and I will never ask you to make an investment we’ve never made in our own lives, we’ll never pretend that changing your life is comfortable but we will challenge you to do what is necessary and courageous so that you can stop chasing a dream and start embodying your dream life.


While Traci and I both are entrepreneurs who have a passion to teach women how to lead profitable businesses that create impact and do good- more than anything we realize that we can give you every system, tool, method or resource available- but if you are not winning the battle in your own mind and over your habits, those systems will be in vain.


This is about saving your life. No matter what lies in your past or what your present circumstances appear to be as you read this email- I know with complete certainty that you have the power to create the life that is pulling on your spirit and invading your dreams.


When you’re ready to rise to that awareness, Traci and I are here with open arms to celebrate your journey and to offer whatever is necessary to catapult your growth and success.


Today Traci sent me a video that she felt was extremely moving. I agree. This video captures the heart and soul of the #GetYourGirlBack movement.


Watch it and share it with another women who you care enough about to challenge her to rise to living HER all.


Traci and I share it with you today because we care enough to call you out and dare you to not only dream…but to live your dreams.


“Friends love you just the way you are. Coaches love you too much to allow you to stay the same.” -Anonymous

Press Play below to watch this inspirational video. 



“If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.”
-African Proverb



Global Director & Co-Dream Maker, GYGB |


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2 replies on “My Vulnerable Confession

  • Gay Edelman

    Nice to meet you, Liz. Appreciate your vulnerability. That’s where our truth lies, in my experience also–the truth of and for ourselves, and of and for one another. We all have a story to tell. In supporting one another, there’s a delicate balance between nurture and challenge, kindness and firmness. GYGB strikes that balance beautifully. Traci can tell you I was involved with the book early on, and was privileged to understand and feel into its concepts intimately, to my own great enrichment. Glad all is going so well!

    • Traci Bild

      Nice to meet you too! Thank you for your support of the movement & the book. There truly is a delicate balance between nurture and challenge and we put everything into providing both equally. It means a lot that you have noticed!


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