Mamma Mia- Here I Go Again

mamma mia jumping on bedWhen running yesterday I had my music on shuffle and the song Mamma Mia came on. I instantly found myself running faster with a little dance in my step and out of nowhere, boom! I twirled around in a circle. The song made me feel alive and rather than tuck that joy back in, I let it out. Although I was running, which is not my favorite thing to do; I was allowing myself to have fun. Who cares if someone was watching and does it matter that I’m 43 and not 23? Is there a law that says middle aged women can’t have fun too? I literally sang and jog-danced all the way home.

There is no” law” on the books but let me tell you there is a law imprinted on our minds. A person should act a certain way at a particular age. We all know what that means…little to no fun. The reason Mamma Mia hit me the way it did is because in the movie, which I have watched with my children Noah 7 and Paris 10 at least 20 times, is the epitome of a woman, getting her girl back!

Meryl Streep, who plays Donna, is the lead character in the movie. Donna is in her forties, her daughter is getting married, and in hopes of having her father give her away, secretly invites three men, of which one is her dad to the wedding. Tired, jaded, and in need of a desperate make over, Meryl’s friends come to the rescue- Dancing, singing and jumping on beds; boom! Meryl gets her girl back! In the movie you can see it happening, one frame at a time- it’s as if she is waking up from a hazy dream that has been her life.

If you have not seen Mamma Mia, make a point to get it tonight. Ignore the not so great singing and focus in on the story because it’s amazing and probably why over 54 million people saw it since its debut in 1999- it hit a nerve.

I have a picture from the movie in my dream book. It’s of Meryl, playing Donna and it’s the scene where she is jumping on the bed and laughing. This is how I want to live my life- a woman who is wise beyond her years but not afraid to jump on a bed, sing out loud, dance, and laugh until I cry.

Come along for the ride- find your girl. Join our tribe today and let me help you to get your girl back too!

Written by Traci Bild

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