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How Would You Describe Your Relationship With Money?

Are you inspired when you meet or hear of someone who is wealthy?

Or do you roll your eyes and think that they are “spoiled, bratty, privileged and greedy”?

A few weeks ago, I was at the library with my family when I was flagged down by a woman who recognized me from my book. Before I knew it, she was sitting with me at my table and “picking my brain” as she rattled off her thoughts and takeaways.

She explained that she found herself this year, in her mid 40s, on her first true quest of self-discovery and empowerment as she became conscious of the choices that she was making in her life.

As she continued on, she then told me how she loved reading empowerment works like mine and she listed other authors as she concluded her statement by saying “but I just don’t like when they start talking about prosperity so I skip over those parts.”

As a coach and someone who is very in tune with human behavior, I knew immediately that money was a trigger for her and most definitely, a huge key to taking her power back in her life and her business.

Money is an inanimate object. It is a resource. It is a tool.

However, your relationship with money can make or break your financial abundance.

In today’s training video, Traci reminds us that “we can do more with, than we can do without.”

Having money, setting large financial goals, creating wealth is not about greed. It is about creating freedom, opportunity and leveraging a resource that can not only change your life but everyone’s life around you.

40% of women in the U.S are breadwinners. As this statistic drastically increases yearly- along with statistics that place women as the majority of business owners- we must each take the time to question and explore our ideas and belief systems surrounding money.

Maybe you can easily see yourself attaining six figures but the idea of million dollar revenues is creating an emotional trigger for you. Get curious about what you feel.

If you feel yourself uncomfortable about this conversation, trust me, you definitely need to watch this week’s 2 minute training video from Traci as she discusses “Making More, Doing Good And Living Well.”





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