It Won’t Happen Overnight But It Will Happen

dream journal

What’s your dream? Is there something deep inside that you have always wanted to do but fail to acknowledge out of fear that you will never have it? Do you find it easier to suppress your dream than to contemplate dealing with the prospect of failure? Consider this message a lifeline. First, I want to remind you how important it is to fight for what it is you want. Life is short and today is the youngest and most vibrant you will ever be. I remember sitting on the floor of my first ever apartment, flipping through magazines and tearing out images that spoke to me. Carefully I glued those images to the pages of my dream book, fantasizing about the day I would travel to France, Italy and Germany. I placed a picture of a BMW, an amazing boat with the words Persistence inked across the back, and my ultimate life goal, to be motivational speaker. I imagined a life of adventure and freedom where I was the author of my own story.

Twenty years later, as I write this, I can tell you that every single dream in that journal has become a reality in my life. I have traveled to France, actually living there for a month with my family. I have been to Italy many times, sitting in cafes with my husband Dave talking for hours on end while sipping on wine and dreaming of our next adventure. I’ve faced the horrors of the Holocaust by walking in the footsteps of those sent to Dakow, the first concentration camp in Germany and the prototype for those to come. I purchased that BMW, got my boat Persistence, the exact same one in my dream book, and I actually became a motivational speaker. I am here to tell you to FIGHT for your dreams. Do not; under any circumstances let fear and uncertainty rob you of what is rightfully yours. Fight, fight, fight, fight, fight for your dreams.

My dreams didn’t come true overnight. For years I spoke for free to anyone who would listen to my message. When I started getting paid to speak, I didn’t have enough money for airline tickets so I rode standby on my husband’s airline praying I would get that last seat! In truth, I flew by the seat of my pants, literally. I waited tables by night and built my business during the day. My car was repossessed and I had a major falling out with my brother who was at one time my partner. It took us years to restore our relationship. Yet year by year the dreams started to take shape and the rewards began to come in. It took a decade, but I purchased that dream boat, Persistence.

Fifteen years later I was living in Paris with the family I didn’t even realize I would one day have. I can’t help but think how my life would have turned out if I had not fought for my dreams. My favorite quote is “God has more planned for you than you could ever imagine for yourself.” I have to say, I really had no idea how wonderful life could be. While terrifying to take risks and wish for something so badly that you would almost rather settle for what you have than risk being let down, let me remind you, the reward is so worth every ounce of blood, sweat and tears you will pour into your dreams. I’m here to tell you, “God has more planned for YOU than you can ever imagine for yourself.” Chase your dream and don’t stop pursuing it until you’ve caught it. If I did it, you can to. Fight, fight, fight- for your dreams.

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