Got Guilt?

break ropesThis week’s focus is on guilt, yes that horrible, five letter word that worms its way into just about everything we do as women.  Have you ever played the game Truth or Dare?  I imagine the answer is yes but more than likely not since you were a young girl.  Well, it’s time to play it again.

First, a truth- it’s time to confront guilt and the impact it has in your life.  In my twenty years of speaking to women, guilt is the number one thing I have found that holds women back from finding their girl.  A few ways I’ve seen guilt manifest are the following:

  • When working you feel guilty about not being with the kids.
  • When with the kids you feel guilty for not working.
  • If you make more money than your husband, parents, or friends…not good!
  • The never ending constant guilt of the house!  Laundry, dishes, clutter…need I say more?
  • Religion- this is a huge guilt factor for many women.  While many would like a choice, they have massive guilt and instead follow in the exact spiritual footsteps of their parents.
  • Eat anything other than a fruit, vegetable, or fish and guilt starts to consume you.  “Why did I eat that?”
  • Guilt from other moms, “I’ve not seen you here in a while, where have you been?”  Nothing is worse than our own kind turning on one another.
  • Financial guilt- why did I buy that, maybe I should take it back? 

As you work to Get Your Girl Back, consider having a journal that you keep your notes in and can reflect on over time.  Today, take a moment and address truth #1 to confront guilt.  Write down every aspect of your life where guilt comes into play.  When do you most experience guilt, is there a specific time of day that it’s worse, are there particular people who inflict it on you (other than yourself), and how does it make you feel?  What impact is guilt having on your life and your ability to Get Your Girl Back- meaning to live in true bliss, be spontaneous, laugh often, play and seize life as if this moment, right here, right now were your very last?  Tell the truth; be honest about guilt and work to eliminate it from your life! Let me help you get started by offering you a free gift- 6 Strategies to Rekindle Your Passion for Life

Written by Traci Bild

Founder of the Get Your Girl Back Movement


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