The Get Your Girl Back Movement is about helping women fall in love with their lives again.  My mission is to help you reconnect with that part of you, that girl that still resides deep inside that wants to have fun, be spontaneous, laugh more, and be happy, really happy, or as my friend Lindsay says, “Almost euphoric.”


This week my focus is on work- what you do for a living (Will do when your kids are in school full time or grown).  Whatever the case, I want to get your wheels spinning and perhaps make you a little restless even as you get up to go to work tomorrow!  If your girl, who stood in the mirror looking back at you ten, twenty or thirty years ago were standing next to you today, how would she feel about what you do for a living?  Are you utilizing your natural talents and gifts or did you get a job that was meant to be “temporary” but grew into a lifetime gig?  Do you have a job that suffices but fails to stimulate you or utilize your God given talents?  Can you say with confidence you are living your work purpose?


You will be most successful both professionally and financially when you put your natural talents and gifts to work in your career.   A gift is something you do well, that comes easily to you but perhaps not so easily to others.  It’s typically something people comment on such as, “Wow, you are such an amazing cook,” or in my case, it was evidenced in the many notations on my report cards as a child that said, “Traci talks too much!”  Little did I know I would be paid to talk when I grew up and turned my gift into income!  My challenge to you is to focus on finding your work purpose.  Don’t just work to make a living because you will end up living to work.   Jot down things you love to do, consider fun or therapeutic.  Maybe you love to sew, write, talk politics, or travel.  When doing these things you are happy and in your element.  Don’t worry right now about how to turn talent into income but instead, focus on identifying your natural talents and gifts- write them down.  As you stew on your list and ponder this blog, ideas will begin to come to you. The first step is to just think and consider what’s possible.  If you could do anything and money was not a concern, what would you do?  If every career paid the same salary and all you had to do was show up, what job would you take?  If you weren’t paid at all but needed something to do every day, what would it be?  This is the first step to finding your work purpose so grab a pen and don’t be modest- own your gifts girlfriend, they are yours from God and you will be blessed upon using them.

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