Get Out of Your Head & Into the Power of Your Mind- FOCUS!

Happiness is just around the corner for you.  Somewhere inside is a girl who knows what it’s like to be happy and who is able to enjoy even the smallest of things- a sunset, blooming flower, the smell of a book…This girl didn’t know what debt, anxiety, and stress were- do you remember her?

Your girl, the one I’m trying to reach and that I imagine is listening somewhere deep inside you is still there, I promise.  If you’re like most women, odds are you lost her along the road to adulthood. I want to help you get her back, and to do that you must put focus on what it is you want out of your life, the experiences you hope to have, the joy you wish to experience.  Get out of your head and all the chaos, stress, fear, and uncertainty that lurks in your mind and begin to draw from the power that lies there too!  Both are readily available, you just have to decide from which to draw energy.

One of the biggest roadblocks to happiness among women is guilt. We are all taught from a young age that we shouldn’t want a grand life, that we should be happy with what we have and that it’s wrong to want more.  Even if we don’t realize it, the guilt from this type of programming has followed many of us into adulthood.  If you can relate, I would like to share a few facts about how to focus on what it is you want, guilt free so you can get it now, not later.

Fact #1:  It’s ok to put yourself on the list.  If you don’t make it a priority to do something for yourself every day, it simply won’t happen.  Day by day, week by week you will do things for everyone in life but you. It’s okay to schedule in a 20 minute walk, a nightly bath, or 15 minutes reading…. 

Fact #2: You are allowed to dream big and want nice things. Why should you feel guilty for imagining that dream house, family vacation or private school for your children?  If you don’t birth the dream, it’s never going to happen. Give yourself permission to really contemplate those things you want for your life. 

Fact #3: You can have material wealth without losing those things that matter most to you.  Most women believe that there is a price for everything they have- gain something amazing and forfeit something more meaningful.  This is not true, there is no exchange.  There is unlimited abundance and it’s waiting for you.  It’s important to let guilt go as it’s nothing more than a big bully. 

Starting this moment, when your thoughts start to wander to the “I can’t, don’t know how, don’t deserve it,” mentality, instantly refocus by restating what you can do, do want, or hope to have in your life.  Keep focus on what it is you WANT.


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