Find Your Own Treasure Just by Looking

Friday we were at an airshow and my son found a penny, Saturday at the same airshow he found a dime, Sunday on our way to the park near our home, he found fifteen dollars. He literally crashed his bike and landed right on top of it. When we told his father about his find that evening, Dave said, “Noah, you need to be a treasure hunter, like Indiana Jones.” I couldn’t help but laugh and agree wholeheartedly. What you don’t know is that Noah is always looking for money on the ground, it’s crazy. Any time we go for a walk, enter a mall, or go anywhere he’ll say, “I’m going to find some money.” While it kind of drives me nuts, I have to say, it works. He gets exactly what he puts his focus on. This kid finds money all the time. What’s more amazing is that he has learned this lesson at the tender age of seven, “Focus equates to results!”

While you might say this is luck, I say its focus. I can’t help but be a bit proud as I have always told him, “Noah, don’t play the lottery, instead be your own lottery ticket.” Little did I realize how well he was listening or how early he would begin apply this to his life. Day by day, week by week, month by month Noah’s treasures have added up. Tucked into a little wallet that used to be daddies is a wad of cash Noah has earned, found, and saved over the past year. I have to say, he’s one determined little guy.

As adults, we have the opportunity to learn from our children every day. We also have the chance to teach every day. While I have taught Noah the lessons I’ve learned, he is teaching them back to me with his childlike faith, it’s powerful. You have more power and energy inside than you could ever imagine. Your thoughts truly become things and your focus becomes your life. What treasure do you seek: A passionate marriage, well-mannered children, a promotion at work, the launch of your own business, financial abundance, improved health…all you have to do is give it your focus and then take the first step and keep walking. Hurry up, your treasure waits!

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