Embracing Imperfection

Sorting through three baskets of laundry that needed tucked away last night, I was down to the towels. As I tucked them into the linen closet I thought to myself, “I hate that my towels don’t match! I bet all of Oprah’s towels match.” What a strange thought right? Yet how many of us have grown up with Oprah, seen her shows, read her interviews and know probably more than we should about her life? One thing I’ve never forgotten is her love of towels and stressing how important it is to have towels that match and that are big, fluffy and filled with comfort.

I’ll admit I’ve tried…over the years I’ve purchased crisp white towels to feel as if I’m in a spa, then brown to match my bathroom décor and no matter how hard I try, there is always the old, worn and what I’ll just call ugly towels- Seafoam green or pink; that are always front and center. You know what I’m talking about right? They are the tried and true, always there, no matter what towels and as hard as you try to dispose of these invaders- they always find their way back into the closet.

Yet last night, as I closed the door to my linen closet I thought to myself, “I think I’m going to keep those towels.”

In truth, they remind me that no matter how hard I try; my linen closet, nor my life will ever be perfect. And- let’s be honest, I’m not Oprah nor should I hold myself to her standards. I’m a business owner with two companies, a wife,  mother of two children and have an incredibly full life- the mismatched towels should be the least of my concerns!

When did we become so concerned about perfection? Isn’t it imperfection that makes us amazing as human beings? So as I opened the door to pull out a towel this morning, I actually smiled and realized that I actually love those towels. So what’s been eating at you? Perhaps its mismatched dishes or an office that is comprised of hand me down furniture given to you as you worked to build your company. I imagine something is coming to mind right now! How might you look at it differently today? Rather than beat yourself up, consider smiling and finding what’s good about it and moving on because if it’s not fixed by now- odds are it will be that way next year and the year after too.

My vow is to stop seeking perfection and instead embrace the gorgeous chaos that is my life, imperfections and all. What about you?

Share here on our blog! What imperfection is eating at you? How might you see it differently going forward?

Written by Traci Bild, Mindset Mentor



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2 replies on “Embracing Imperfection

  • Marissa

    I am a mother of two boys 10 months and 3yrs and work part time as a nurse. Since I decided to work less to spend more time with my boys I have been harder on myself to be super mom because I have more time now. I should be able to do everything and perfectly. I find my self endlessly trying to keep the house in order and losing the battle daily. I most often compare my house to that of a friend who always seems to have it together, no clutter and always dust free. I know this is an irrational expectation to put on myself- she is married has no kids and has a housekeeper. (I bet she has a hoarder closet somewhere in that house

    • Traci Bild

      Marissa, any mom can relate and I get it totally. Embrace your situation. I also work in my biz part time and have for 11 years, since Paris was born but have produced more than I ever imagined. My focus is I work part time so I can be with my family, my priority- not to clean more or compete with other moms. You will never have peace. Realize, our friends houses are always clean when we come over because they know we are coming! Also, would you trade your kids for a dust free home? No- so embrace the GOREGOUS chaos and be so grateful that this is your life. When you start to feel like this, start ticking off everything you are grateful for. It really will help you. I bet your friend wishes she had your kids and mess. Seriously, the grass is always greener- maybe even talk to her and get your emotions out in the open! Traci


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