Dancing in My Underwear, I Did It!

callieLast night my 10 year old daughter and I were having a Friday night dance party. This is something we have always loved to do but haven’t done in about a month.

We were laughing, cranking the tunes, spinning and singing when she ran out of the room and came sliding back into the kitchen in her shirt, underwear and socks! “We’re going to dance in our underwear!” she screamed. She was laughing so hard. All I could think is “Oh my gosh, this is the epitome of the girl I talk about every single day.” Paris was brimming with joy and this amazing free spirit that most of us women once had- but lost long ago.

So I looked at Paris, tore my jeans off and started dancing in my underwear. She ran out of the room screaming but came back and we danced for an hour. It was so freeing, fun and downright wrong but right! I felt like Callie from Grey’s Anatomy who was married and while going through an infidelity issue realized that all she wanted to do was laugh again and dance in her underwear (apparently something she used to do often). There is a scene a few weeks later when she is in her apartment, the music comes on and she starts to look guilty, slowly smiles, and suddenly takes her pants off and starts dancing in her underwear. She’s like a new person, bathed in the joy of freedom, spontaneity, and pure bliss. That is how I felt and it was my daughter who got me to do it! She has her girl and in fact she’s never left- she is 10! Every day of my life I work to make sure I keep my girl front and center. While a grown up, I still want to play, be silly, and ooze joy, don’t you?

You might think I’m crazy or you just might dance in your underwear this week! I dare you to try it! I can tell you for sure that this is a memory that will forever stick in my mind- dancing in the kitchen in my underwear (shirt and socks too) with my beautiful daughter who never stops teaching me to be more like her.

What’s the last thing you did that was crazy, out of the box yet a moment you wouldn’t trade for anything? Come on; let us know by sharing it here on the blog. As women we must support, encourage and lift one another up. You can also download the first chapter of my forthcoming book, Get Your Girl Back at http://gygb.com/gygb-chapter-one/ and learn who your girl is, where she went and how to get her back!

Written by Traci Bild

Author, Speaker & Entrepreneur 

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2 replies on “Dancing in My Underwear, I Did It!

  • Kim Grustas

    I commend you Traci. While your intentions were just to let loose and feel silly, having our daughters know we are comfortable in our own skin is an amazing tool for their self esteem. At 10 your daughter is perhaps starting to question herself physically. The groundwork you lay now will help her become a confident young woman. Keep dancing!


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