Confronting Your Past and Then Letting It Go

Everyone has war wounds. They just find ways to hide them. It’s time to admit this to yourself. That can be hard, but keep in mind that holding on to your past could actually be hindering you from becoming the woman you want to be.

There was a “once upon a time” when you looked at the world with mystery and wonder. You knew you could do anything you set out to. Even if you never had that girl in the past though, she still exists within you.

Different things could be keeping you from becoming her once again. Are you ready to be happy and to face each day of life with that same wonder and excitement? Part of making this happen is to confront your past.

Here is something you must realize. If you have never let those things in the past go, then they are still haunting you and holding you back. It doesn’t matter what you went through, it has a massive impact on who you are today for the good or the bad.

For many of us, the war wounds are scars that came from a bad childhood, abuse, low self-esteem, molestation, problems in school…things we feel ashamed of and oftentimes wish to hide. Yet pushing the dirt over them, you aren’t actually moving beyond those things in the past. Instead, they are still there, just under a layer of dirt.

Think about who you are now. Think about the people in your present. Would they be able to understand those things from your past? Probably not. You may have gone through things that no one else on this planet can fully understand or relate to.

How are you currently coping with those things? Do you try to hide them? Do you turn to unhealthy habits like overeating, smoking, drinking or drugs? None of this will actually solve anything. You have to confront your past and then let it go. That’s very hard, but letting go of the past is the best way to get your girl back and become a truly happy, wonderful you. Don’t let yesterday steal your joy today. 

Have you thought about your coping mechanisms and the things in the past that may be holding you back? You can learn more about how to break free of your prison by visiting  Be sure to sign up for Notes From Your Girl, they are incredibly healing and will provide tremendous solace as you work to heal.

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