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GYGB Pledge
Do you ever feel like you are alone in the world? You have tons of support from family, friends, and co-workers but feel as if no one understands what you are going through? Join the club! You are not alone. As women, we have acquaintances, work friends, the moms at school and then those life-long friends that are irreplaceable yet oftentimes too far away.

As a mother, wife, and professional, you probably have a plate that is overflowing. Part of the Get Your Girl Back allure is the tribe of women we are creating who are banding together to support one another. Right now we are building the movement, getting people involved, and creating a community. When the book launches we will have a true online community where we can interact, share stories, and support one another.

I love women and feel that there is nothing a woman cannot do. A woman will fight to the death for her family, advocate for a stranger to the point of risking her life, defend a cause she believes in like there is no tomorrow. I want to do that for you- fight for you, advocate for you, defend you and help you get out of the daily grind of life and into the power of living.

Today you only see Facebook posts and Notes From Your Girl, but in a year it will be events, gatherings, support groups and more. We are building our tribe and you are invited to join in on the adventure.

As a tribe member you must to commit to the following: Vow to support other women, even those you don’t know, offer words of encouragement and kindness whenever possible because God knows we need it. Never judge another woman because you’ve not walked in her shoes and resist all temptation to gossip. The goal of our movement or tribe is to lift other women up, to support one another and make a dent in the never ending quest to tear women apart and instead help glue them back together.

The Get Your Girl Back movement is way bigger than me. It’s a God thing. He gave me  the words, the vision, and I am walking one step, one day at a time along the path he has laid out for me. I know that we can make a huge difference not just in America but all over the world.

Join me and help spread the word- get your friends, family and co-workers engaged with our Facebook page and signed up for Notes From Your Girl. Let’s start working on the mind so when the book launches, we can fuel the movement due to results in our own lives and communities. Remember your tribe pledge and every day work to leave a footprint on another woman’s life.

To sign the pledge, go to our Facebook page at Get Your Girl Back the Book and click like on the Tribe posting dated 5.23.13. While you are there, leave a comment for us about how you are living the pledge!

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