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gygb-bookImagine how it would feel to reclaim your deepest passions, give yourself permission to pursue them, and create an extraordinary life for yourself and your family? Download the first chapter of Traci’s forthcoming book, Get Your Girl Back, (2015), and see how the movement began.

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traci_Bild_25_thumbTraci Bild
has been blazing trails across the country for the past two decades. A full time mom, with a multi-million dollar business on the side is what Traci refers to as her little secret. Whether speaking to a group of 5,000 or five, Traci is living proof that “You are what you think you are.” Priding herself on being a normal woman, with an extraordinary life, Traci has made it her mission to help women break through self-imposed limitations masked in the handcuffs of guilt, fear, and uncertainty to experience a life of abundance and happiness.

Two decades of speaking to thousands of women annually in business, as well as a multimillion dollar organization of her own run exclusively by women has given Traci a unique understanding of women and the many challenges they face.

The Get Your Girl Back movement, started by Traci in 2013, is positioned to have an impact on women globally. Her message resonates with women in a way that is profound and in high contrast to the constant barrage of celebrity imposters pretending to have it all. Traci refers toGet Your Girl Back as an anti-Kardashian dose of real life girl talk. Happiness, in her opinion, boils down to priorities, setting them in order of importance, and living by them at all cost.

Traci is the author of 7 Steps to Successful Selling and Zero Lost Revenue Days, both non-fiction business books. She has been featured in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Fox News and other media outlets for her expertise in business. Now prepared to take her movement global, Traci is fearlessly going where no woman has gone before, controversial as it may be, to shed light on the reality of life as a woman in the twenty first century.