How Would You Describe Your Relationship With Money?

Are you inspired when you meet or hear of someone who is wealthy?

Or do you roll your eyes and think that they are “spoiled, bratty, privileged and greedy”?

A few weeks ago, I was at the library with my family when I was flagged down by a woman who recognized me from my book. Before I knew it, she was sitting with me at my table and “picking my brain” as she rattled off her thoughts and takeaways.

She explained that she found herself this year, in her mid 40s, on her first true quest of self-discovery and empowerment as she became conscious of the choices that she was making in her life.

As she continued on, she then told me how she loved reading empowerment works like mine and she listed other authors as she concluded her statement by saying “but I just don’t like when they start talking about prosperity so I skip over those parts.”

As a coach and someone who is very in tune with human behavior, I knew immediately that money was a trigger for her and most definitely, a huge key to taking her power back in her life and her business.

Money is an inanimate object. It is a resource. It is a tool.

However, your relationship with money can make or break your financial abundance.

In today’s training video, Traci reminds us that “we can do more with, than we can do without.”

Having money, setting large financial goals, creating wealth is not about greed. It is about creating freedom, opportunity and leveraging a resource that can not only change your life but everyone’s life around you.

40% of women in the U.S are breadwinners. As this statistic drastically increases yearly- along with statistics that place women as the majority of business owners- we must each take the time to question and explore our ideas and belief systems surrounding money.

Maybe you can easily see yourself attaining six figures but the idea of million dollar revenues is creating an emotional trigger for you. Get curious about what you feel.

If you feel yourself uncomfortable about this conversation, trust me, you definitely need to watch this week’s 2 minute training video from Traci as she discusses “Making More, Doing Good And Living Well.”





Global Director & Co-Dream Maker, GYGB |

Hi, I am Liz Simpson- the new global director for #GetYourGirlBack.

Some of you I have spoken with through email and many of you I spoke with on Tuesday’s Master Class. However, there are so many of you that I am eager to get to know and support!


Earlier this year when I came on board to the Get Your Girl Back movement- there was this inexplicable feeling of intuition that my partnership with Traci would be miraculous and life-changing, not only for us, but for the many women who are touched by this incredible movement.


However, my confession today lies in the fact that there was a part of me that was unsettled and a little bit bothered by the branding of pink and purple butterflies and the light discussion over dream journals and “wishing” our way into a reality we once dreamed.


For quite some time I was unsure of the core of my feelings, so I spent time meditating and journaling and just being still so that I could be clear with what my intuition was really trying to clue me in on.


After a while- I came to understand it.


See, what I do understand about Traci Bild is that she created this movement of #GetYourGirlBack not to have a cutesy brand with purple butterflies and to share photos of her life on the gulf coast while traveling the world with her adorable family… but she created this movement because the principles behind this movement have quite literally saved her life.


I know … because I recognize the same passion in her that lives inside of me. It’s like looking into a mirror.


The life you are dreaming of is quite literally on the other side of your fear and your excuses.

And while I was able to pack those words into one simple sentence- the power and truth that exists within them is immeasurable.


There is a choice that you make.

It is a choice to stop with the excuses, to live in spite of fear and to walk in the unknown because you realize anything less- to live a life any less fulfilled- would be a life filled with regret and dissatisfaction, a life that is merely reminiscent of death.


Traci is an amazing example of what is possible.

And until you have the faith to stand in your own truth of possibility- you can, for a season, borrow faith from seeing her example and witnessing her truth.


But there comes a time when you must choose it for yourself.


As a woman who once was a single, abused mother who lived in a battered women’s shelter for nine months- I am all too familiar with fear, doubt, lack, low self-worth and excuses. And it brings tears to my eyes, quite literally, when I look back on the moment that I chose to stop being a victim in the story of my own life.


I chose to fake belief in myself until the day I looked in the mirror and that belief was real. I chose to change my mindset, my behavior and ultimately my habits- at first simply because I thought I had nothing left to lose- and before I knew it, I was living in a reality that was once beyond my wildest dreams.

That decision was the catalyst for every facet of my life to exponentially bloom. Those principles transformed my career, my relationships and even put me on the fast track in business.


As “Get Your Girl Back” continues to make a comeback in your email inbox and across the globe to the over 25,000 women in our midsts- I want you to know that this movement is larger than a brand, a webinar, a program or even a retreat.


This movement is a wake up call for you to recognize the immeasurable power that you hold as a woman.


Traci and I will never ask you to make an investment we’ve never made in our own lives, we’ll never pretend that changing your life is comfortable but we will challenge you to do what is necessary and courageous so that you can stop chasing a dream and start embodying your dream life.


While Traci and I both are entrepreneurs who have a passion to teach women how to lead profitable businesses that create impact and do good- more than anything we realize that we can give you every system, tool, method or resource available- but if you are not winning the battle in your own mind and over your habits, those systems will be in vain.


This is about saving your life. No matter what lies in your past or what your present circumstances appear to be as you read this email- I know with complete certainty that you have the power to create the life that is pulling on your spirit and invading your dreams.


When you’re ready to rise to that awareness, Traci and I are here with open arms to celebrate your journey and to offer whatever is necessary to catapult your growth and success.


Today Traci sent me a video that she felt was extremely moving. I agree. This video captures the heart and soul of the #GetYourGirlBack movement.


Watch it and share it with another women who you care enough about to challenge her to rise to living HER all.


Traci and I share it with you today because we care enough to call you out and dare you to not only dream…but to live your dreams.


“Friends love you just the way you are. Coaches love you too much to allow you to stay the same.” -Anonymous

Press Play below to watch this inspirational video. 



“If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.”
-African Proverb



Global Director & Co-Dream Maker, GYGB |


This has been a busy weekend for #GetYourGirlBack!

Traci traveled to Orlando and spoke to over 4,000 women at the Origami Owl convention and then today she gave a business training to hundreds of women who registered for her Master Class.

How’s your week going thus far?

As summer comes to an end, many of you are beginning to focus on the final quarter of the year.

Are you on track to achieving the goals and commitments that you made in the form of “New Year’s Resolutions”?

Well in today’s 2 minute video training, Traci speaks about the “big dirty word” that many business women avoid- but that’s essential for so many of you to reach your goals in this 4th quarter of 2016!



Global Director & Co-Dream Maker, GYGB |

The secret to growth in your business & reaching your first million?


According to Traci Bild, it’s “Ego Out The Door”.


One of my favorite books is the E-Myth by Michael Gerber. In this book, he talks about the secret that caused McDonalds to revolutionize the fast food industry: their systems.


Though many of us women entrepreneurs have heard: delegate, use systems, build a team- for some reason, many of us think that these ideals work for every other business but our own.


We think- “how could someone else possibly do what I do?” “I don’t have time to train someone else (or can’t afford it!)” or maybe “I don’t even know where to begin with what to teach and who to hire first.”


And that’s okay if you can relate to any or all of those thoughts, we’ve all been there.


When Traci began her career as a speaker over twenty years ago- the speaker revenue model insisted that she travel all over the world being the sole presenter that could deliver her message.


It wasn’t until she was pregnant with her daughter that she demanded “there must be another way”! Necessity is truly the mother of invention.


(Which is also why she refers to herself as the “rebel entrepreneur”- she runs her businesses on her terms- not according to the naysayers or the status quo.)


Although it took over 15 years for Traci to build her first business to a million dollars (she claims one of the hardest things she has ever done)- it was when she finally moved ego out the door- that she then went from her first million to $3.5 million in four years and landed on Inc’s Fastest Growing Companies.


Thankfully, you don’t have to wait 15 years.


In this week’s video training, Traci offers countless tips on the mindset and methods it takes to scale your business and reach your large revenue goals. Get your pen & paper handy!

Click below for this week’s video training.


Global Director & Co-Dream Maker, GYGB |

Are you going to join us?

Traci and I wholeheartedly agree on many things- one being that nothing recharges, revitalizes or inspires quite like travel; the ultimate escape.

Together we asked … “what if?”
“What if” we could bring a group of women together to revisit what’s possible for their lives Under The Tuscan Sun?

Check out the video below to discover what Traci and #GetYourGirlBack have decided to do!

Tuscany Italy Retreat 2017 from Traci Bild on Vimeo.


For more details on joining us, visit

What is YOUR zone of genius?


What industry, niche or specialty do you feel you’ve mastered and know like the back of your hand?


Many years ago, Traci was invited to train a team in the senior housing industry. While she was skeptical at first and wondered what she could contribute- she trusted her systems and dove in, head first.


Twenty years later, she has not only built a multi-million dollar consulting firm but she has also created multiple millions of dollars in increased revenue for her clients. (For many clients, she has accomplished this in less than 90 days using her proven system & methodologies!)


The lesson she learned: go small, go deep and become the guru of your industry.

In other words, “Don’t Follow the Herd”.


Click on the short 2 minute video below to find out this week’s tip and how you can apply it to grow YOUR business!


Don’t Follow The Herd from Traci Bild on Vimeo.


“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go FAR, go together.” -African Proverb.

Share today’s video and the #GetYourGirlBack Movement with someone in your life that you’d like to inspire. Let’s go far as women together!


Can I just take a moment and say that YOU freaking rock??!!

Earlier this week, we provided a survey and asked you to share what you dream of, desire and need.

Before we knew it, the responses were POURING in!

There were countless comments that delighted us and some really touched our hearts- reminding us of why this movement is necessary for women. (Thank you!)

As response after response came in- there was an underlying theme of busy, ambitious women who want to take a huge bite out of life and feel reconnected to their sense of self.

Going forward, Traci will share a weekly video to inspire you and to provide a lifestyle/business tip to guide you along your journey. (As quite a few of you requested!)

And of course, it only made sense in this week’s video that Traci share what she dreams of- and the power behind our dreams.

After watching the video below, feel free to join us on our facebook page and share your thoughts and response!


If you haven’t had a chance to speak up and share your voice with us- it’s not too late!

Click here if you are an entrepreneur/business owner

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What do YOU dream of?

Hi, I am Liz Simpson- Global Director and Co-Dream Maker with the amazing Traci Bild for Get Your Girl Back™. I am ecstatic to announce some long-awaited changes to our movement!

While many things will stay the same around here- like our daily “Notes From Your Girl” emails- there will be quite a few changes as we bring you even MORE (7 Figure Business Academy, Sisterhood Masterminds and Luxury Retreats in Tuscany, anyone?)!

That being said, we want to hear from you so that we provide exactly what you need and what you’ve been dreaming of!

Please CLICK HERE if you are an entrepreneur/business owner
Please CLICK HERE if you do NOT own a business

Our fearless founder, Traci Bild, is all about seeing big dreams come true- yet on her own terms. She wants to help you do the same. Defying the norm, Traci built her multi-million dollar business working just 24 hours per week… wrote three books… landed on the Today Show, in USA Today & The Wall Street Journal… lived in Paris for a month… and more. All of these were once dreams that can be traced back to her earliest journals; it’s actually kind of crazy!

Traci wants to teach you to make your own dreams come true; no matter how big or small they are.

After countless conversations with women from Stay At Home Moms to the C Suite and Mega-Entrepreneurs; Traci realized that there was one thing we all have in common- burnout! Women desperately needed to get their passion, relationships and time back. Most of all they need to get their girl back!

This is the core of our movement and we thank YOU for being a valued member and supporter of our tribe!

Going forward, Get Your Girl Back™ will be showering you with countless goodies (aka FREE), tools, programs and invaluable support to help you reclaim what you feel you’ve been missing- and to help you achieve that which your girl has been dreaming of manifesting!

Look out for future posts as we share more of what’s in store for you (including our first Get Your Girl Back™ retreat happening in Tuscany, Italy)!

For the past fifteen years I have called upon an amazing woman, whom I refer to as “My wise sage,” to help me in times of confusion, doubt or struggle. Her actual name is Sue. I’ve never met her in person, have no idea what she looks like but consider her one of the most influential women in my life and her advice and intuition is spot on.

Talking to Sue recently, she said something that rocked me to my core. “Traci, it seems you’re living in fear of the future instead of the possibility in it.” I felt the blood drain from my head and as if I might pass out. Seriously, it hit me like a ton of bricks because she was right and I had no idea.

Most disturbing is that I had always lived my life from a place of possibility- excited about the future- creating it first in my dream journals and then meticulously through very clear goal setting. Not once have I doubted my ability to do something and Sue knew this because she’s been coaching me for 15 years and seen it firsthand. So what changed?

I know it sounds really contrite but the only thing that changed was my thinking. In truth, something has been off in my mind for the past six months and I’ve struggled to access that part of my brain that instills confidence, belief and pure drive. At 44 I was thinking perhaps it was my age and something chemical- or at least that was an easy out for me. But when Sue said, “You’re living in fear of the future,” she unlocked my power- literally. That very day I instantly felt better because I knew what was wrong, my focus and thinking was off. Rather than put energy toward what it is I wanted, I was giving it to what I didn’t want and was afraid might happen in my life.

The brain is a very tricky organ. It needs a job and if you don’t give it one- a clear one, it will take over and in most cases, fill you with doubt, fear and anxiety. For me, this trigger built up due to actions I took in my consulting firm, Bild and Company. I had hired a new CEO the year prior to run my national organization; something I had done myself for over 20 years. While he has done a fantastic job, I never worked through the grieving process of “giving up my position” and also felt powerless to run my business because I had literally handed the job over to someone else. Known to many as the Mindset Mentor, I for sure had lost that ability over the past six months. What I didn’t lose was my refusal to live a mediocre life. Instinctually I knew I was losing the battle of the mind, but simply couldn’t figure out how to regain control. Refusing to give in, it finally hit me- I need to call Sue and thus the beginning of the story.

Almost like a fairy god mother waiving her wand, with one sentence Sue returned my power. Instantly I felt my mind, mood and spirit shift back to living in possibility. I couldn’t do better because I didn’t know better; now I do.

Even more powerful is the process I’ve been engaged in to find one “word” or phrase to encompass what the Get Your Girl Back movement is about. All I can say is God is good because through this experience, tough as it has been, he revealed it to me (and you are going to be among the first to hear it!).

I’ve always lived my life in possibility but many women have not. Before I could help others with this final piece of the puzzle, I had to experience it personally- not what it’s like to live in possibility- but the despair of living my life in fear.

I understand now- Get Your Girl Back for me has always been about possibility- how could I have missed it? The possibility to live an abundant life, the possibility to have a beautiful marriage, the possibility to enjoy great health, the possibility to raise well-mannered children who make a difference in the world, the possibility to use your natural talents and gifts in your work, the possibility to have financial freedom, the possibility to live in gratitude, the possibility to have balance and the possibility to have fulfillment in your life. There are SO MANY POSSIBILITIES! You just have to expect them to show up!

This is the possibility I’ve lived in since I was a girl- that along the way was lost- but regained. This is Get Your Girl Back- so go, live in possibility and make your life what you’ve always dreamed it would be. Comment here on my blog your thoughts, I would love to hear them.

Please, if this message resonates with you, help me spread the word to the women you know and love. Forward them the blog, encourage them to sign up for Notes From Your Girl or advise them to download a FREE dream journal and see what it feels like to map out their life and live in possibility. Just visit for any of these immediate actions. Thanks for supporting me through this journey. We are just getting started.





Two weeks ago I was sitting with my daughter Paris at the Barnes & Noble coffee shop. We were looking through books and casually talking over a bowl of chili. Killing some time before going to gymnastics, Paris looked up at me and said, “I wish I didn’t have to go to gym today.”

How many times has Paris said this to me over the past two years?

How often have I listened?

This time, I heard her and replied, “How about we don’t go back?”

I thought Paris was going to pass out. She looked at me and said, “Really mommy?” While I felt pangs in the pit of my stomach, something told me this was the right thing to do. The truth is Paris had not enjoyed gymnastics for a long time. I’ll go so far as to say it stole a little bit of her girl- piece- by- piece. It had started to chip away at her confidence, joy and happiness and I stood idly by. Year after year she stayed on the team and when prompted as to why she stayed, Paris responded, “I’m not a quitter.”

Interesting…It wasn’t because she loved it but due to the pressure of “Not being a quitter.” Reflecting on her time as a gymnast, I did see a drastic change. What started as something fun to do in her spare time turned into a part time job- friends became competitors, giggles during practice turned to silence and joy turned to a daily grind. It was no longer about developing skills and taking on new challenges; it was about winning. So this time I followed my gut and with six simple words, “How about we don’t go back?” freed my daughter.

Did I do The Right Thing?

I’m not going to say I didn’t feel sick to my stomach and sad for a week or so because I did. This was our life. Paris was at the gym three hours a day, four days a week; after a long day at school. Then she had to do hours of homework, sometimes not getting to bed until 10 pm.

As time passed and I began to process our decision, I felt elated. By allowing Paris the freedom to make her own choice I realized she would be able to explore new things and tap into her true gifts and talents. She became excited about trying a dance class, tumbling clinic, an art class, French tutoring and girl scouts with her friends. Paris started riding the bus home after school instead of heading straight to the gym and we were able to spend quality time with her, as a family. She became more excited about school projects and even homework!

As I watched Paris I felt “freedom” ooze out of her. I can’t even explain the emotion. It was like a new beginning, with opportunities everywhere. For the first time in years, she was free.  So here’s what I will confess- I loved watching Paris do gymnastics…something about seeing her run across the floor doing a back hand spring- back tuck reminded me of…well, me. I was a cheerleader who learned to tumble in high school and credit cheerleading with saving my life- literally (that’s another blog!). Could it be that I was somehow living through her?

Never a competitive mom, I always encouraged Paris to have fun and do her best. Yet I wonder, had she been doing gymnastics for me? Was she afraid I would think she was a quitter if she left? Was she spending her free time in a sport we chose for her because she didn’t want to let me down? Rarely complaining, going through the motions day after day, year after year, Paris continued on…until I opened the door to her cage and released her.

This experience has taught me a lot. It’s so important to stop and evaluate life and to have the courage to change direction when the current one stops working. Failure to do so will slowly steal your girl- the one who is inspired, happy and joyful.

What do you need to change in your own life? What about the lives of your children? While change is never easy, the truth is- you can’t grow by remaining what you are. Rather than be afraid of what you might lose, get inspired by what you just might gain.

Written by Traci Bild- Author, Speaker & Entrepreneur. Get a FREE Get Your Girl Back Dream Journal and spend some time off-line filling the pages with the images of what you hope to do in your relationship or marriage in the next year or decade! Go to for an instant download.

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