90 Day BreakTHROUGH Program

Traci Bild’s program is for women who want to experience a BreakTHROUGH

When my daughter Paris was born twelve years ago, I had a massive breakthrough, both professionally and personally. Owning my own business, I was working 60 hours a week and traveling up to twenty times a month. Just before she was born, I shut my Main Street office down, took my work home and cut my hours from sixty to twenty four per week and my travel from twenty days to just two per month. I knew in my heart that it would be impossible to have IT all; so I instead decided to pursue MY all and that meant balancing work and home in a way that honored my priorities- those things that mattered most to me.

During this time, my business exploded, doubling year after year and ultimately landed on the Inc. Fastest Growing Companies list in 2013. I was featured on the Today Show, Daytime, Sunrise Australia and lots of media outlets from Success Magazine to Real Simple. Keep in mind that I did this on just twenty four hours a week.

What I learned from this experience is that life is full of possibility and that while you can’t truly have IT all, you can have YOUR all. You can build a life around the things that matter most to you and experience incredible abundance without sacrificing what matters most.

In this 90 day journey, I’m going to share specific breakthroughs that transformed my life, the lives of women all over the world and that have the ability to transform yours too. I will provide the tools, resources and systems to transform your life, but you must implement and use them. Today is the youngest you will ever be – so don’t wait. If you’re looking at this page, you and I both know, it’s time for change. So register now or review the 90 day modules below and let’s get the party started, in celebration of the life you are about to step into!


You’ll understand how the past plays a part in the present and limits what’s possible in your life, whether in the domains of career, body image, parenting, relationships, finances  or your sense of self. Most important, you’ll learn how to control the bully that lives in your head and robs your potential. Imagine for a moment, what you could do if that bully who says, “You can’t do that,” or “You don’t deserve it,” no longer had a voice? In this session, we will trace the limitations to their root, purge them from your life and move you toward the life you long to live.

After this session, you will understand the impact thoughts have on results. You will learn how to transpose feelings of fear and worry, to possibility and confidence. You will understand once and for all that you get what you put your focus on and to achieve a goal or dream you don’t have to know how to do it; but instead you must believe that you can. Learn to play “Brain Games” and to use your mind and thought patterns to attract the tools, resources and people needed to make your goals and dreams a reality. This session will provide lots of social proof of the concepts presented.

Women have more than ever but are less happy than any other time in history. With the majority of women working 40+ hours a week outside the home, only to work another 40+ hours week in the home, after their day job ends, this leaves little to no time to do anything but shower and sleep! In this module you will learn the importance of self and how to schedule guilt free time for you- that in turns fosters stronger relationships, improved mood, decreased stress, anxiety and a feeling of happiness and fulfillment through putting yourself on the list!

As women, we regularly put everyone and everything before ourselves- it’s what we do, it’s who we are and why we struggle so much with work, life balance- and sanity! Yet if you are not spiritually, physically and mentally healthy, you won’t have the energy to give like you want to because in truth; you’re broken. In this session, I will teach you the importance of putting this very important trifecta-spiritual, physical and mental focus on your list, with actionable steps to foster a strong sense of self in just 30 days. Reduce stress, eliminate anxiety and learn to be present in your life and for those you love.

In my work with women, I have found their relationships with their spouse or partner to be one of the most emotional aspects of getting their girl back. What I’ve found is that whether married or in love, as women we have so much on our plate that we tend to neglect the very person we love most. In this session I will provide you with immediate actions you can take daily to jump start that long-lost connection you long to have. If you are recently divorced or single, this session will enrich your future relationships so I encourage you to participate.

Were you excited to have children yet unprepared for the mass amount of ancillary work that came with parenthood- that no one told you about? From piles of laundry, to meal planning, preparation and cooking- three times a day, to cleaning the house, doing homework, getting to endless after school activities…need I say more? In this module, I will introduce a life-saving system, that will help you gain control and embrace what my friend calls, the “Gorgeous Chaos” of marriage and family. The time management strategies in this session are priceless so get ready to add a few hours and sanity back into your life!

So many women fail to discover their natural talents and gifts until later in life, some never do at all. This session will help you to drill down and tap into those natural talents and gifts that you possess, things that are difficult for others but natural for you to do. I will show you how to leverage those talents and have a massive breakthrough in your career or business. Don’t think you have any special gifts? Trust me, you do- and we are going to find them! If you feel stuck in your career or seek a change, this module will be the spark that ignites your passion, purpose and unlimited potential.

If you can’t manage $30,000 a year, you won’t be able to manage $300,000 a year. Our society associates happiness with money and the truth is, money can’t make you happy- but it can in fact make life more comfortable and much less stressful. In this module I get real about money and how it impacts our lives. I will show you how to breakthrough financial limitations, long held beliefs that block financial abundance and strategies to do more with less. If you have a spouse, I highly recommend you do this session together.

Every day you run and run, only to collapse into bed at night to do it all over again the next day. In this session I will show you how to apply all the sessions previously taught in order to bring a dynamic and lasting change to your life- with time to breathe! You will understand once and for all that it’s not about having IT all but YOUR all- and that a great life is built around the priorities that matter most to you. I’ll end this journey with a compelling challenge to pay it forward, to your friends, sisters and daughters- because we can do more to impact the lives of women together, than we can possibly do alone.

The 90 Day BreakTHROUGH Program Is:

  • An entirely unique program created and taught by an expert on women’s empowerment, Traci Bild
  • Delivered via phone, video, and written materials so you can participate from anywhere in a way that works with your schedule
  • A three-month women’s empowerment journey with focus on personal and professional transformation

The immersive curriculum is:

  • Part inner reflection to help you understand your fears and behaviors and to clarify your vision
  • Part skill set implementation to establish new habits in both your personal and professional life that dramatically impact your mindset, focus and ability to take action
  • Part supportive and dynamic community of  women ready to support each other in revising what’s possible in their personal and professional lives

The 90-Day BreakTHROUGH course is entirely virtual: based on phone, written, and online formats, so that you can participate from anywhere in the world, and in a way that works with your busy schedule. BreakTHROUGH includes:

  • a three month journey with twelve power-packed modules
  • interactive calls with Traci each month. This isn’t one of those programs where all the material is pre-recorded. I’m live every other Thursday for a dynamic call that includes teaching, exercises that allow you to apply what we learn to your life, Q&A and discussion. You can participate live on our calls from 12-1pm EST (schedule below), or listen to the recordings at your convenience. If you can’t make the calls live, no big deal. Many women listen to the recordings throughout the course and get the full value of the program. Fall schedule:
    • 9/3
    • 9/17
    • 10/1
    • 10/22
    • 11/5
    • 11/19
  • a set of worksheets for each module
  • two additional, “open floor” Q&A calls with Traci to dive deep into your questions
  • inspirational and personal stories from Traci to support you along the way
  • guest interviews from incredible experts who know a thing or two about “breakthroughs”
  • an online forum where you can connect with other participants, get support, ask questions and get feedback in between sessions. The online forum will stay available to you long after the course ends — you’ll have this network for years to come.
  • optional small groups: you’ll also have the opportunity to participate in small groups of three that meet regularly for accountability, support, and connection, something I’ve done for years
  • You feel a calling or longing to do something bigger, more relevant and fulfilling in your life, but you feel afraid or unsure about the next right steps.
  • You want to experience happiness, gratitude and get out of the rat race, truly being present in your life but simply don’t know how.
  • You are tired of trying to have IT all and ready to understand what YOUR all is and how to go get it.
  • You sense that being part of a supportive community of like-minded women would help you break-through.
  • You suspect life would be a whole lot richer if you lived to your potential, at work and home as well as personally (YOU ARE RIGHT.)