4 Steps to Getting Anything You Want

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What an amazing year 2013 has been for me. My Company, Bild & Company landed on Inc. Magazines 500/5000 fastest growing private companies in America, the Florida Fast 100 (growing companies), I was featured in Real Simple Magazine for an article on mentoring and most exciting, I signed with a book agent, Linda Konner Literary Agency for my forthcoming book, Get Your Girl Back (www.gygb.com) Interesting how things hit all at once rather than over the span of one to five years. Yet it makes me think- and be incredibly grateful for these milestones.

I was recently at my 25th high school reunion when an old friend of mine, someone I played with every day in junior high came up to me and said, “Man, I remember when I would come to your house. Your electricity would be out, you wouldn’t have any food and the food you did have would be in a cooler on ice sitting by the fridge. It was rough!” I just looked at her, stunned. “Really,” I said, “I don’t remember that.” It was a sort of out of body experience because I knew she was telling the truth and I knew things were rough but I don’t recall them being that bad.

My husband Dave always says that I have a knack for remembering the good and forgetting the bad. It’s true. The past is in the past and that is where it belongs. I refuse to be prisoner to memories that may give me pause, or an excuse to fail and in turn miss my destiny. What I do remember is how hard my mom worked to put a roof over our heads, the sacrifices she made for her three children, including marrying a man she did not love; simply to provide us with a home.

So as I reflect on the great year I’ve had, yes, I take great joy in seeing the fruits of my labor. What I take even greater joy in is knowing that others will read this blog and realize that I’m nothing special. I had no wealth or family connections, scraped my way through college bartending, started five businesses from scratch with no money to speak of, and I was a C student. 

So how did I end up earning the accomplishments I began this blog with and more importantly, how can you do it in your own life?

While we could talk for hours, I’ll boil it down to four simple steps: 

1) I set goals every year, no exception. I don’t worry about if I can accomplish something; I just decide to do it.

2) I back my goals with specific action steps that, if done consistently, over time will lead to the accomplishment of those goals.

3) I follow through on everything I say I will do, no excuses.

4) I invest time and energy in developing great people into leaders who can support my vision so I can move on to the next great project that I’m excited about.

That’s my story- what’s yours? What is it you want to do in your life? How are you going to get there? Stop to take the time to figure it out. Oh, and that dream- it will be yours in no time!

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Written by Traci Shafer Bild



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