3 Ways to Stay Present in Your Life

My Dream Journal

My Dream Journal

Twenty years ago I put a picture of my dream boat, a 29 foot Sea Ray Sundancer, in my dream book. I remember like it was yesterday. As I taped the picture onto the page, I came up with the boat’s name, Persistence. I inked it right there on the picture. It was a crazy idea as I could barely afford my car, had just started my speaking business and was waiting tables at night to get by.

Ten years later, Persistence was docked behind my house and that crazy dream was my reality. Eerier is that the boat out back was the exact same size, color and model of the boat in my dream book. When we purchased it I had forgotten about the boat in my book until one day I stumbled across it while cleaning up my bookshelf.

Time passed, and I loved our boat. My kids grew up on it, and I found that when on the water I was in heaven. Then one day, while in my living room I looked out back and saw my boat on its lift. It hit me that I had the boat, used it often, but no longer “saw” it. In short, what was once my dream was now my normal. I took it for granted. No longer was I mesmerized by the idea of owning such an amazing toy because the fact was, it was mine. As I looked at the boat, I felt sadness- “When did I stop seeing it?” I thought. That day I vowed never to just look at the blessings in my life again but to “see” them every day.

How many times have we had a dream-whether a new home, private school for our kids, vacation, job opportunity, etc. to only get it and in no time at all forget how badly you once wanted that very thing? Sure, its human nature to move on and no longer “see” what’s in front of you, but I choose to fight to see my blessings every day. I want to see, feel, touch and be aware of those dreams I fought for and that have become part of my life. I never want to take a thing for granted as tomorrow, it may be gone.

Three ways you can stay present and in the moment:

1. Take the time to re-evaluate your life, how far you have really come, what you’ve accomplished and savor your success. Really see it.

2. Physically look at what you have accomplished. Every now and then I stand outside my home and look in the windows. I once dreamed of having a family, an amazing home, food in the refrigerator… Today, those dreams are my reality and I want to see it and feel joy in my soul.

3. Give thanks daily. Get in the habit of saying thank you, thank you, thank you- for your family, home, schools, job, and every other thing you have in your life that very easily can be taken for granted.

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Written by Traci Bild, Founder of the Get Your Girl Back movement



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