21-Day Challenge



For the next three weeks, I’ll send you an email with a task, question, or series of questions, meant to help you gain insight into yourself. For the first time in a long time, you are going to work ON your life versus simply living IN it!

One of my favorite quotes is, “She believed she could. So she did.” My goal is to help you believe in yourself again, your dreams and ability to live a magical life that exceeds your wildest dreams.


When women learn about the Get Your Girl Back movement, they immediately start to share stories about their girl, who she was and how much they want her back. Yet actually bringing your girl back, to the forefront of your life is much harder than it seems. It takes a daily focus on slowing down, living in the moment, outlining your priorities and living by them at all cost. It means living your life how you want to, on your own terms and understanding that it’s not about having IT all, but YOUR all.

When you get your girl, back, which you are about to do, you will see life through an entirely different set of eyes. You will appreciate your spouse more, work to create romance and put fun back into your marriage! If you’re not married, you will mentally create the kind of future romance you wish to have! You will make time to put yourself on the list without the pang of guilt that haunts the deepest corners of your mind. You will start to put physical, mental and spiritual well being on your list and actually follow through! You will enjoy your children more and be present with them in a way you always dreamed you would. You will tap into your natural talents and gifts and move forward using them in your career or even to launch that dream business! Getting your girl back is about truly living again, not just getting by.

To your girl!


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  1. Chelsea Wiles

    I am LOVING your words of wisdom! I LOVE this Challenge!
    I am getting healthy —- heading out for my walk! I am a teacher and I am LOVING my morning walks! WOOHOOOO ! THANKS for your inspiration! I can’t wait for my journal to arrive!

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