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Traci Bild

author · entrepreneur · wife
mother · women’s advocate
life changer
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``It's not about having IT all but about having YOUR all.``

Get Your Girl Back is for women who grew up – got a job, a husband, home, kids and in many cases, more responsibility than they bargained for. In the quest to have it all, women have lost their sense of self; that girl, full of wonder, spontaneity, and confidence; that made them feel alive.

Get Your Girl Back and experience an awakening as you excavate dreams of the past and reminisce what you once envisioned for your life. Whether using your passion for cooking to start a catering business, love of travel to escape to Paris or dream of acting to audition for a role at your local theater. Feel the spark of hope as you ponder possibilities for the future and reconnect with the girl of your past through the power of play, laughter and daily focus on making life magical once again.


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